Live weather updates on the go with WetterOnline for Android Auto

February 14, 2023

Live weather updates on the go with WetterOnline for Android Auto


Always drive safely: With WetterOnline and Android Auto, you are always aware of the weather conditions that will be present on your route. Because the WetterOnline app now works with Android Auto and displays the WetterRadar on your car’s screen.


The weather contributes to a lot of traffic accidents. Now that WetterOnline for Android Auto is available, this may change. By checking the current weather radar, you may avoid unpleasant shocks like impending snow, rain, or thunderstorms.


Weather radar contributes to increased driving safety.


WetterOnline is the first weather supplier for Android Auto to enable easy access to comprehensive live weather information while driving with the WetterRadar and RegenRadar. “Our weather radar displays relevant weather occurrences for you, like rain or snowfall, right on the dashboard. As a result, your commute to work or vacation is considerably more relaxing because you are constantly and thoroughly informed about the weather “Björn Goldhausen, a spokesperson for WetterOnline, adds.


Driving safety is thus enhanced by the WetterRadar’s significant weather information. The weather radar does not animated purposefully since safety comes first. Distracted driving is not permitted for drivers.


That is how it operates.


You’ll need an automobile that supports Android Auto and the WetterOnline app for Android smartphones. The PlayStore offers a free download of this. Open the WetterOnline app on your car’s display, connect your smartphone to the vehicle, and turn on Android Auto. Now, the WetterRadar travels with you on the screen; depending on the vehicle, this takes place in split view or full screen. The direction of travel of the vehicle is displayed in the radar image, which is always centred around your location. The information is automatically updated. Both the free and premium editions of the WetterOnline app are compatible with Android Auto.


There are many more features in our WeatherOnline app that is compatible with Android Auto that will further enhance the driving experience and safety.


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