April 27, 2023


The most recent list of priority locations for new Lidl stores to be opened across the country has been published by LIDL IS STILL GB.

Lidl has launched 15 new shops in the past three months as the discount retailer continues to experience record growth.

It was recently named the UK’s fastest growing supermarket[i], and it was recognised for this achievement.

Update comes after Lidl welcomed a record 1.4 million[ii] new shoppers from competitors in 2022 Chief Development Officer says

“no ceiling on our ambition or growth potential”

The 24th of April, 2023, on a Monday: In conjunction with the publication of its list of priority locations* for new shops,

Lidl GB has announced its plans to expand the availability of its excellent value proposition to a greater number of towns across the UK.

This comes after Lidl welcomed a record number of new customers to its stores in 2022,

as over 1.4 million shifted to Lidl from rival supermarkets in an effort to find the best value food.

The update comes after Lidl welcomed a record number of new shoppers to its stores in 2022.



As Lidl continues to experience record expansion, the bargain retailer built over 50 new shops in 2022 and an additional

15 new stores around the country in just the last three months alone.

Kantar recently named Lidl the fastest growing supermarket following a rise in sales of over 26%, and the discounter was recently named the fastest growing supermarket.

Lidl GB Chief Executive Officer Ryan McDonnell said, “The previous few years have been difficult for everyone,

but we’ve made it clear that we’re more committed than ever to ensuring that every single household has access to a Lidl store.”

For this reason, we are keeping a keen eye out for more sites and locations all across the country while we continue to expand and invest in our infrastructure.


At the same time, we are strongly committed to looking into the future.

During the course of the previous year, we welcomed more than 1.4 million new customers who had previously shopped at one of our rival stores.

The fact that customers are unwilling to pay a premium for their shopping because they are aware that they can receive the same or

even better quality at Lidl demonstrates that there is the potential for sustained growth at Lidl.

As we get further into 2023, we are aware that an increasing number of customers will switch to our stores, and regardless of the location they select, they will be aware that they are receiving the best value.

Richard Taylor, Chief Development Officer of Lidl Great Britain, stated further that

“Our store expansion has been and continues to be unparalleled.”

We have opened more new stores than any other retailer in the past three months, totaling 15, and in 2022

we welcomed customers into the doors of over 50 new locations. In the last three months alone, we have opened 15.

However, that will not be our final destination. Our long-term goal is to operate more than 1,100 retail outlets,

but the truth is that there is no limit to our capacity for expansion or our ambitions.

The most essential thing is that we get there using a method that is both strategic and environmentally friendly. LIDL IS STILL

Lidl is in the process of securing locations for future stores, and at the same time,

the bargain retailer is doubling down on its efforts to upgrade the infrastructure of its warehouses, which will further increase capacity across the country.

Over the course of the past five years, it has opened more than 240,000 square metres of warehouse space and invested more

than 700 million pounds. Some of its current goals include the following:

A planning proposal for a new regional distribution complex on a land that is 38 acres in size was recently submitted in Gildersome, Leeds.

The establishment of its largest ever warehouse in Luton in August, which will be the largest in any Lidl market worldwide,

A.P. Moller – Maersk
A.P. Moller – Maersk

will create more than 1,500 jobs and supply more than 150 stores.

Towards the end of this year, construction on the company’s expanded warehouses in Belvedere and Bridgend is expected to be finished.LIDL IS STILL

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