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Tesco introduces special section in stores for products helpful during menopause

Tesco introduces special section in stores for products helpful during menopause is trying out something new in certain stores to make shopping easier for people going through menopause. They’re setting up a special section with products meant to help manage menopause symptoms and showing which other items are safe to use during this time.

They’re teaming up with GenM, a group that helps brands change how they serve women dealing with Tesco introduces special section. Now, products with the “M-tick,” the first symbol for menopause-friendly items, will be easy to spot in Tesco stores and online.

To celebrate this partnership, for the next six weeks, products from top brands will have their own space at the end of aisles in nearly 200 stores across Great Britain. This will make it easier for menopausal customers to find what they need and learn more about which products can help with their symptoms.

Since more than 70% of women face one or more of the 48 recognized menopausal symptoms, some of which can be really tough, the dedicated display will feature important products like vitamins from Vitabiotics, skincare items from Nivea, Olay, and Simple, as well as products from Tena and Always. Plus, Davina McCall’s popular book, “Menopausing,” will be featured too.

Online, Tesco has added a permanent Tesco introduces special section filter in the Health & Beauty section of their website. This filter includes over 450 carefully chosen products based on research into how menopausal people shop online.

In October 2023, Tesco announced that they would offer the Understanding Menopause booklet from Tesco introduces special section Support for free to anyone visiting This booklet helps people understand and manage their symptoms better.

And to support their own employees, Tesco is introducing menopause-friendly uniforms made from lighter, more breathable fabric to keep them cool and comfortable while working.

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Tom Lye, Tesco’s Category Director for Health, Beauty and Wellness, says

Tom Lye

“We’re committed to making the shopping experience better for those going through Tesco introduces special section. Partnering with Gen-M represents the next stage in our efforts to assist our customers and coworkers.

We hope the display in stores and the online filter will help customers feel more confident about what products are safe to use and guide them to items that can ease their menopause symptoms.”

Heather Jackson, co-founder of Gen-M, adds

Heather Jackson

“We’re thrilled to have Tesco join us in our efforts to support menopausal consumers. Seeing Tesco create a special space for menopause-friendly products and using our menopause-friendly symbol, the MTick, is a big deal. Tesco is leading the way in understanding and embracing menopausal consumers, empowering them with choices to manage their menopause in the way that suits them best.”

“Heather Jackson”

ENDS (Tesco introduces special section)

Notes to Editors

Source – Menopause Support’s #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign, October 2023.

The trial runs from 7th February to 19th March 2024 in 189 stores across Great Britain.

Products on in-store aisle end display include various vitamins, skincare products, books, and personal care items.

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