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Kaufland receives yet another “Sustainable Commitment” honour 2023


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Kaufland receives yet another “Sustainable Commitment” honour


Focus Money recognises Kaufland as the industry winner in the category of hypermarkets and hypermarkets for its “sustainable commitment” once again this year, making it three years in a row.

A recent, representative consumer survey produced the rating. This demonstrates how consumers are now considering sustainability when making purchasing decisions in addition to price, quality, and choice.

The principles of sustainability run deep through Kaufland’s business objectives and operations. For many years, the business has been actively involved in a variety of social, environmental, and societal initiatives.

“The concept of sustainability is not simply something we talk about; it is ingrained in the way we conduct business on a daily basis. Not only does this apply to initiatives in which we are devoted to, for example, clean water or sustainable farming,

but it also applies to the design of our product range, in which we attach a great deal of value to regionality or more animal-friendly production and husbandry circumstances. This is the case for both initiatives and the design of our product range.

“The award from our customers is therefore an important confirmation for us that our sustainable actions are visible and perceived positively,” says Ines Rottwilm, Head of Sustainability Germany at Kaufland. “Our customers have spoken, and they want us to continue our commitment to sustainability.”

The “Sustainable Commitment” quality label was derived from the findings of a nationwide broad-based comparative survey conducted by ServiceValue, which included votes from more than 450,000 customers.

In February of 2023, an analysis was conducted on the sustainable commitments made by roughly 1,400 companies. Consumers evaluated issues of economic, social, and environmental responsibility.

You may find information regarding the study as well as the findings in the issue of Focus dated 11/2023.


Kaufland receives yet another "Sustainable Commitment" honour

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