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Hurry up! Walmart is offering discounts in time for Easter.


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Hurry up! Walmart is offering discounts in time for Easter.

Customers can purchase an Easter dinner and basket from Walmart at last year’s price.

The start of spring festivities is just around the horizon. Although this time of year is exciting, we are aware that our customers are managing their family budgets more carefully and making thoughtful purchases. In reality, 65% of respondents said they anticipate that inflation will affect how they celebrate Easter.

Our goal at Walmart is to make shopping more affordable and to improve quality of life. We are dedicated to maintaining affordable rates so that families can celebrate with their loved ones rather than worrying about how much it will cost to get together. This year, we’re continuing to invest in the moments that count by providing a Walmart-curated Easter meal and Easter basket at last year’s price* to make sure our customers can do just that.

Easter Meal and Basket for the Whole Family for Less Than $100

We made sizeable investments in addition to our regularly low rates last year to provide a full basket of holiday mealtime necessities at the same cost as 2021. It was a first for us at Walmart, and both new and returning customers reacted positively when getting the best deal was the top concern.

We’ve chosen to repeat it this time for the Easter meal and basket because we know that’s still the case for many of our clients. We’re providing both for less than $100 overall so that our clients can fully enjoy Easter.

Even though some food prices have stabilized, overall prices are still expensive, particularly for necessary items for Easter, like eggs. We have worked hard to make up for the higher price of eggs by keeping the price of a full Easter meal the same and lowering the price of other Easter necessities. From ham and green beans to pie and many of the fixings in between, our meal includes the usual suspects and customer faves. At Walmart, you can find everything you need to make a delicious meal, whether your family honors with a large brunch or a small dinner.

And of course, what would Easter be without a stunning hamper filled with treats? We’ve also invested in a huge selection of essentials this year so that customers can assemble a conventional Easter basket at the same price as last year. With the savings, you can quickly put together an Easter basket for the kids that is filled to the gills with decorative grass, a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bunny, Reese’s Eggs, and other goodies.

Customers can shop for the meal and Easter basket at these low rates right now through April 15 both in-store and online at www.walmart.com/EasterSavings.

Saving money and time is important in addition to money.
We take pride in helping clients save both money and valuable time. We know our customers are busy, especially during holidays, so we make shopping for all the Easter essentials fast and convenient for our customers no matter when, where or how they prefer to shop Walmart, whether that’s in store or online and both offerings are available for curbside pickup and delivery.

We take pride in continuing to support our clients in the ways that are important to them. From the significant celebrations to the everyday occurrences, we’re dedicated to maintaining affordable prices while enhancing the purchasing experience.

Comparison of our national or highest regional price to be charged for the same products from February 15 to April 15, 2023, with the average price charged for the featured items from February 15 to April 15, 2022. Prices might be cheaper at the Walmart near you.



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