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Grow, Connect, and Develop: A Journey of an Entrepreneur With Walmart Vriddhi.


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Grow, Connect, and Develop: A Journey of an Entrepreneur With Walmart Vriddhi


We frequently discover progress in growth. But they aren’t always interchangeable. They are linked together by a dotted line that leads to additional things, including persistence, hard effort, opportunities, and connections.


As the top omnichannel retailer in the world, Walmart is concentrating on that dotted line, providing access and opportunities for its partners and sellers. We think that striving for advancement benefits not only the business but also its employees. And one of our best examples is found in one of the economies with the fastest rate of growth in the globe.

Vriddhi Walmart
The Vriddhi initiative from Walmart is dedicated to assisting Indian MSME (micro, small, and medium enterprises) in increasing their domestic capabilities. That’s not as simple to do as it is to type, though.

Entrepreneur Chanda Sharma is one who fully comprehends this reality. She is the proprietor of the Delhi Gift House, a store in Delhi where she offers presents for unique celebrations and events. Her accomplishments and her tale are triumphs. Tragic events, though, do occur.

In 2018, shortly after the couple welcomed their first child, Chanda and her husband launched their company. They worked as a unit. Chanda was in charge of the merchandise listings, photography, and marketing. Her husband dealt with suppliers and made sure the supply line was kept running smoothly.

Chanda lost her spouse to the COVID-19 virus in 2021, during the second wave of the pandemic. She acknowledges being afraid for her future because she was alone during a global pandemic, dealing with motherhood’s demands, a crippled economy, and vendors who lacked faith in a woman’s ability to run a company.

The contact came later.

The Walmart Vriddhi program called me in June 2021 and asked me one straightforward question: “How is your business doing?” Chanda can recall. “My business is inactive… and it has been that way for three months,” I replied.

The Vriddhi crew wasn’t deterred by the lack of activity and gave Chanda something unexpected: support. Then, things began to alter.

The first recommendation from the team was for Chanda to think about liquidating dead merchandise and obtaining some cash. “After considering my options, I made the decision to offer combo packs of the products in my inventory on the marketplaces. After that, I felt like I was getting somewhere.

Vriddhi opens doors to chance by connecting entrepreneurs to the community, education, and the Flipkart marketplace. Chanda’s self-assurance increased with each lesson she learned through Vriddhi’s business course options.

Every training practice I went to left me feeling inspired, Chanda claimed. “After Diwali, I paid off all of my debts and received support from my suppliers. I’m currently in my third year of running both my small company and my child by myself.

Chanda has advanced as a result of development. Her diligence, commitment to the task at hand, and eagerness to pick up new skills have all paid off. She is doing well. She isn’t easing down either.

My company has increased tenfold since I joined the Walmart Vriddhi team, Chanda claimed. I owe Walmart Vriddhi a debt of gratitude when I reflect on how I got here.

Chanda wants to invest in a small factory in the future so she can own the manufacturing equipment. Her objective is to hire more Indian women and develop her own product range. She believes it is feasible with Vriddhi’s support.

#Women weren’t permitted to work in Chanda’s household, and her family didn’t have any #usiness experience. “I can hire more women and create jobs in my neighborhood if I open my own business. I can provide chances for weavers and artisans.

Fundamentally, Chanda’s main objective is to inspire others in order to create a better future for her kid and her neighborhood. And she’s making good progress.

“Give your all in whatever you’re doing. You can only develop after that, Chanda said. Understanding can take some time, but once you do, there’s no turning back.



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