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Walgreens shops will be closed on Thanksgiving


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Walgreens shops will be closed on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, something different is happening at Walgreens. For the first time in its history, most of the Walgreens stores will be closed on this holiday. However, there’s a special plan in place: almost all of the Walgreens stores that usually stay open 24 hours a day will remain open on Thanksgiving Day. They’re doing this to make sure they can help anyone who needs healthcare support during the holiday.

The decision to close most stores on Thanksgiving came from hearing what the people who work at Walgreens had to say. They told Walgreens that having time off on holidays, like Thanksgiving, means a lot to them. So, Walgreens listened and decided it was important to give their team members this time to spend with their families.

At the 24-hour locations that will be open, the workers there play a really important role in making sure people get the healthcare they need. They help with prescriptions, give advice about medicines, and make sure everything runs smoothly. Walgreens wants to say a big thank you to these workers who are still working on Thanksgiving.

Especially during times when people are more likely to get sick, like during flu season, the pharmacy team at Walgreens is super important. They give vaccines, do COVID-19 tests, check people’s health, and provide medicines. Sometimes, they are the main healthcare helpers for people who can’t easily go to other doctors.

Walgreens wants to show how much they appreciate all their workers. They’re changing things a bit this year to show that they care. Some places, like distribution centers, will still be open on Thanksgiving to make sure everything keeps running smoothly for customers who might need help.

A few Walgreens sites, including some distribution centers, will keep working on Thanksgiving Day. But don’t worry if your local store is closed on Thanksgiving—on the Wednesday before and the Friday after, they’ll be open during their usual hours.

If you’re planning to visit Walgreens around Thanksgiving, it’s a good idea to check the store hours using the Walgreens store locator.

Walgreens: Walgreens has been around for a long time—about 170 years! It’s part of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc., a big group that cares about helping communities with healthcare. With almost 9,000 stores in different parts of the U.S., like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Walgreens serves nearly 10 million people every single day! Their pharmacists are really important because they help with a lot of healthcare services. They make sure everyone, including those who might not easily get healthcare, gets the care they need. Walgreens uses both physical stores and online services to provide good products and healthcare all across the country.



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