EDEKA Minden-Hannover donates €150,000 to the Children’s Protection Federation.

March 20, 2023

EDEKA Minden-Hannover donates €150,000 to the Children’s Protection Federation

By definition, every fifth child in Germany lives in poverty – 20.2 percent live on benefits at the basic security level. This represents a total of 2.8 million children worldwide. Among other things, to combat this child poverty, the German Children’s Protection Federation, together with its state and local associations, is constantly developing sustainable strategies, which take place at various levels. EDEKA Minden-Hannover appreciates this work of mostly volunteer helpers and donated a total of 150,000 euros to the child protection association in its area of business. This proud sum is also due to EDEKA customers, who have earnestly accessed the “Happy Erdbeer” Berliners from Schäfer’s and the EDEKA Bio-Bockwürstchen from Bauerngut.

What connects EDEKA Minden-Hannover and the Children’s Protection Federation: Both institutions rely on local and regional connectivity and have a common interest in the well-being of people. Together, they are committed to a child-friendly society. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the Schäfer’s-Berliner and EDEKA Bio-Bockwürstchen from Bauerngut at EDEKA, EDEKA Center, MARKTKAUF, near & good and NP in the business area of EDEKA Minden-Hannover were collected in a donation pot. A total of 150,000 euros have now been allocated to the Children’s Protection Federation in Lower Saxony (45,000 euros), Bremen (15,000 euros), Berlin (25,000 euro), Brandenburg (20,000 euro) and Sachsen-Anhalt (25,000 euros) as well as to the local associations Minden, Bünde and Herford (20,000 euros). These donations are primarily used to support regional projects of the Children’s Protection Federation.

“We would like to thank everyone who participated in this great action. The donation will be used primarily for our commitment to the fight against child poverty, which has accompanied us for many years and in which we want to do a lot for families and children in the future. The goal is equal opportunities and participation for all children regardless of the family’s financial situation,” explains Daniel Grein, Federal Managing Director of the Children’s Protection Federation.

Support for child protection projects, advice, support and leisure activities

Social engagement is of great importance for EDEKA Minden-Hannover. With the support of the Children’s Protection Federation and its state associations, the regional society shows this once again. The Children’s Protection Federation is committed to helping children in situations of violence and emergency, teaching them the safe use of the Internet and supporting equal opportunities for all children regardless of their social background. As a lobby for children, the federal and state associations represent interests and rights with their positions and offers in the public, the professional world, the media and the country policy. They cooperate with related professional organizations and regional institutions and train courses to raise awareness in society for a more child-friendly world of life.

All photos of the donations to the state and local associations of the Children’s Protection Federation can be found here.