Conad for animal welfare: 78% of cage free eggs reached in MDD egg products

July 27, 2022

Conad for animal welfare: 78% of cage free eggs reached in MDD egg products

Conad continues and strengthens its commitment to sustainability and animal welfare with concrete actions contained in the sustainability strategy “Let’s support the future”.


Conad’s commitment to animal welfare once again affirms itself in the egg segment, announcing the achievement of the 78% quota of cage free eggs for MDD egg products, against an intermediate target set last year at 75% by 2022.


The goal is to increasingly increase the use of eggs from free-range hens in MDD product lines in which egg is the predominant ingredient in the preparation, such as fresh and dry egg pasta under the Conad and Sapori & Dintorni Conad brands. , frozen ready meals and Conad brand sauces.


For this reason, the brand continues its path to reach the replacement target on all MDD products containing egg products towards 100% cage free alternatives by 2024.


In the egg segment, animal welfare has always been a priority in defining the product development strategy. Conad eliminated from spring 2018 the eggs from battery farming from the assortments of its own commercial brand, and then intervened the following year in a similar way also on the assortment of eggs under the manufacturer’s brand.


Conad Quality Path eggs guarantee the complete traceability of the product thanks to the presence, on each shell, of an identity code that allows to reconstruct the complete history of the egg up to the Italian farm of origin. Added to this is a reference “without the use of antibiotics”, guaranteeing the non-administration of antibiotics to chicks and hens, throughout their life cycle.


The Quality Path Controlled Supply Chain represents the way in which Conad, the first retailer in Italy, oversees the values ​​of freshness, safety, guarantee and quality.