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Asda shares positive news about Blue Light Card.


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Asda has announced that its wildly popular Asda Rewards app will now be the primary method for Blue Light Card holders to access their discount.

The upcoming modification, scheduled to come into effect on May 4th, carries significant implications for cardholders. It empowers them to continue enjoying a 10% discount on their in-store purchases at Asda. What’s novel about this change is that the process has been made even more convenient: instead of the previous method of presenting their Blue Light Card and identification, shoppers can now effortlessly avail the discount by merely scanning their Asda Rewards app at the checkout.

In addition to the sustained 10% discount, there’s an attractive bonus in store for Blue Light Card holders between May 4th and May 31st. Those who scan their Asda Rewards app in-store for the first time during this period will receive a delightful £2.50 bonus deposited directly into their Cashpots.

This extra incentive sweetens the deal for new users of the app and makes the Asda shopping experience all the more rewarding.

What sets Asda Rewards apart is its innovative approach to rewarding shoppers. Instead of conventional points-based systems, it offers customers the opportunity to earn actual pounds. Each month, a vast user base of over four million Asda Rewards app users collectively accumulates more than £70 million in their cashpots.

These cashpots can then be effectively utilized to reduce their overall grocery expenses, providing tangible financial benefits for Asda shoppers.

A remarkable aspect of this development is the commitment of Asda to its employees. The 10% discount is not exclusive to customers; it extends to all Asda employees as well. This discount applies both in-store and online, commencing from the very day they start working at Asda. This employee-focused approach is a testament to Asda’s dedication to appreciating and rewarding its workforce.

Tom Dalby, the CEO at Blue Light Card, expressed immense pride in the enduring partnership with Asda. He acknowledged the widespread appreciation of this discount among Blue Light Card members. Asda has consistently demonstrated its support for NHS staff and other frontline workers, and this extended partnership will serve as a vital lifeline for countless blue-light workers across the nation.

Since May of the previous year, Blue Light Card members have collectively saved an astounding £128 million on their purchases at Asda. Dalby is optimistic that the extension of the 10% discount, coupled with the enhanced benefits of using the Rewards app, will continue to provide valuable assistance to families and individuals grappling with the economic challenges posed by the rising cost of living.

Mark Baxter, Senior Director for Loyalty at Asda, highlighted the exceptional contribution of the Blue Light community in ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of society. He expressed Asda’s deep satisfaction in being able to offer this dedicated community exclusive deals through the immensely popular Asda Rewards app. Beyond the customary savings associated with Asda’s everyday low prices, users of the Asda Rewards app now have the opportunity to accumulate pounds, not just points. By consistently shopping at Asda and building up their Cashpot, they are rewarded with tangible financial benefits, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

The Blue Light Card is a nationally recognized scheme that extends a range of discounts to workers in critical sectors such as the NHS, emergency services, social care, and the armed forces. The continued partnership between Asda and the Blue Light Card program represents a meaningful gesture of support to those who play pivotal roles in ensuring the welfare and safety of the community. It reflects the broader ethos of recognizing and appreciating the invaluable service provided by these essential workers.




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