The Statistics from Walmart eCommerce in a Big Year.

February 23, 2023

The Statistics from Walmart eCommerce in a Big Year


We’re taking a minute to reflect on 2022 as we get ready to implement our 2023 plans. What a year it’s been! We took feedback from our buyers, sellers, and employees into consideration as we developed new, improved experiences for every step of the digital purchasing journey. And each innovation has helped us get a little bit closer to providing our buyers and vendors with a seamless experience.


We introduced fresh holiday wish lists and a registry suite, auto care scheduling, virtual try-on, augmented reality, a simplified deals experience, virtual queuing, and a lot more to improve the digital experience. With greater slot capacity and nationwide expansion of our InHome services, we have kept expanding and diversifying pickup and delivery. For our customers and sellers, we’ve added more time, choices, and methods to make purchasing easier for them, and we’re just getting started.