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Tesco’s Whoosh Shipping Service Exceeds Rollout Goal by 25%


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Tesco’s Whoosh Shipping Service Exceeds Rollout Goal by 25%


Tesco has surpassed its own target for the rollout of its rapid delivery service, Whoosh, which is now accessible from 1,000 Express stores, in support of its goal to give customers more ways to buy conveniently.

A significant step forward in the service’s growth, the online service, which debuted in May 2021, is now accessible from 50% of Tesco’s network of Express convenience stores in the UK, providing service to 55% of UK households.

By the end of February 2023, Tesco had planned to serve Whoosh from 800 of its stores. However, since March 2022, the company has opened the equivalent of a new Whoosh location every 11 hours.

When it opened recently, the Tesco Express shop in London’s Hammersmith Olympia became the 1,000th to provide quick grocery delivery to the door.

Whoosh allows customers to buy food or snacks in as little as 30 minutes from a carefully curated list of 2,500 to 4,500 essential items. Delivery is fixed at £2.99 for orders of £15 or more.

Customers who want things like a fast and simple meal deal or last-minute purchases are drawn to the convenience and promptness of home delivery.

With new features on the app like estimated 15-minute delivery windows and real-time rider monitoring on a map, Tesco has looked at how to further improve the customer experience as the service has grown. The effectiveness and speed of the service have led to a 30% rise in Whoosh’s happiness ratings this year.

“Our Whoosh service is rolling out at a rapid pace, opening in two Express stores a day on average this year,” said Greg Bertrand, head of Whoosh. We exceeded our own expectations, and there is increasing proof that customers appreciate the high caliber, quickness, and convenience of the service.

“We are becoming faster, and we have consistently good availability. Whoosh can quickly help, whether it’s a missing ingredient as you begin to prepare a meal or purchasing the Finest Meal Deal to consume that night.


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