Sustainable innovation in the lifestyle and fashion industry

September 5, 2022

From circular textiles to green fuels and emissions data, here’s how the lifestyle and fashion industry can outsmart unsustainable practices.

Sustainability is no longer merely a desired bonus or competitive advantage; it’s an absolute necessity. Every industry is under pressure to perform, none more so than fashion and lifestyle. 56% of consumers say brands should play more of a role in reducing fashion’s environmental impact – higher than any other stakeholder group. And where there’s this level of demand, and pleas for action, the fashion and lifestyle industry must stay ahead of the curve.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Why sustainability is so crucial for lifestyle and fashion brands today, and what that means in practice
  • The different approaches lifestyle and fashion brands are taking towards sustainability innovations
  • The crucial role of your supply chain in delivering your goals

Download and read the eBook to find out how fashion and lifestyle brands just like yours are working towards a more sustainable future, led by innovation.