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SPAR Zimbabwe supports national objective with tree planting.


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SPAR Zimbabwe supports national objective with tree planting


On December 3, 2022, SPAR Zimbabwe planted 10,000 trees. In 2023, they will place the seeds for another 20,000 trees. The retailer was the largest non-commercial tree planter in the nation this planting season thanks to this effort. This amount of trees planted served as a boost for SPAR International’s 2022 tree-planting programme.


On December 3, Zimbabwe’s National Tree Planting Day, the native Acacia trees were planted. It happened in Nyabira, a region of the nation that requires woodland restoration.

The trees were planted by members of SPAR Zimbabwe, My Trees Foundation, a nearby school, community members, the local council, and a number of donor businesses. On the sowing day, Mr. Abedinigo Marufu, Director General of Zimbabwe’s Forestry Commission, was the honoree.


future-oriented planting

In order to oversee the trees’ continued safe growth in the future, two community members have gotten training. The campaign gives local school more authority after it decided to adopt the trees and add the reforestation project to its curriculum.


The distinctive SPAR logo is a tree, according to Cypren Borerwe, the general manager of SPAR Zimbabwe. It is an essential component of our identity and heritage and symbolises a symbiotic connection in which all components cooperate for the good of all. In a very real sense, trees give our world life, and they are essential to our survival.


SPAR Zimbabwe has made a major contribution to the government of Zimbabwe’s goal to plant 25 million trees during the season that runs from November 2022 to March 2023 through this massive planting.


Pine Planting

As part of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of SPAR’s establishment in 1932, SPAR International started a campaign to encourage planting trees. Through their collaboration with One Tree Planted, SPAR country organisations have adopted this initiative and have increased the number of trees planted globally by over 37,000 to date. As more trees are planted in towns and cities around the globe, the tracker on our website is continuously updated.


SPAR Zimbabwe is the source.


Study up on SPAR Zimbabwe.


Concerning SPAR Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) signed a licence deal with SPAR International in 1967, making it the 13th nation to join the SPAR network. After the previous licence holder sold off the retail business, an independent retailer acquired the SPAR Brand licence in Zimbabwe in 2015.


Despite the difficult economic climate, SPAR Zimbabwe is expanding its retail network. Additionally, it continues to be actively engaged in the neighbourhood, contributing to positive change through sponsored and charitable endeavours.



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