Lennart Jensen takes over location in Uetersen – 10% discount on opening day.

March 15, 2023

Lennart Jensen takes over location in Uetersen – 10% discount on opening day

Lennart Jensen takes over the EDEKA market from Horst Ermeling in Uetersen. The surrender took place at the end of January. From Thursday, the 16th. In March, the market is reopened and convinces with a comprehensive range and regional orientation.

14. March 2023 • Neumünster, Uetersen

On 2,400 square meters of sales area, customers will find everything their heart desires in a range of approximately 30,000 items. The market is open from Monday to Saturday between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., and convinces with a large selection of organic products, these items are assigned on the shelves accordingly, as well as a extensive range of regional products. These include, for example, coffee from the Röstlich Coffee Brothers and homemade pralines and chocolate creations from the Daja Chocolate chocolate factory, both directly from Uetersen, cracking apples from the Plüschau fruit farm in Haselau and delicious juices from the Apfelhof Früchtnicht in Seester. In addition, in addition to homemade specialties, the Bedientheke offers the steak pork and strohrind range from EDEKA Nord. These products are distinguished with level 3 holding and therefore meet stricter holding criteria, e.g. B. more space and outdoor opportunities for the animals or even specifications for feeding.

Lennart Jensen explains: “The focus of the rebuilding work over the last few weeks has been to build the market sustainably. We have replaced all the lighting and also installed new energy-saving refrigeration furniture and a thermal recovery system. In addition, we have already completed the preparations for e-charging columns on the parking lot. The team and I are delighted to present the market to our customers. As a special promotion, there is a 10% discount on the entire range on the opening day.”

The market also offers other services such as free W-LAN in the market. For example, customers can use the EDEKA app. In the entrance area is the bakery Knaack, which serves fresh bakeries from 7am to 8pm.

Lennart Jensen (29) started his career in the food retail business at EDEKA Maron in 2010. After several continuing and continuing training in the family business, he has been working as an office manager in the home administration since 2018 and as a merchant in Wedel since 2013. With the acquisition in Uetersen, he is already responsible for the second EDEKA Jensen market as an independent merchant.