Fragadis, a SPAR Spain partner, expands its retail footprint.

March 1, 2023

Fragadis, a SPAR Spain partner, expands its retail footprint


SPAR The East of Spain-based retailer Fragadis recognised and addressed a demand for bigger supermarkets in its region. In 2022, the retailer launched four EUROSPAR Supermarkets, and on February 1 of the following year, another EUROSPAR store. With an emphasis on local products, each supermarket offers a high-quality fresh food selection.

Shop selling EUROSPAR in Sant Jaume d’Enveja

On February 1st, 2023, Spanish SPAR merchant Fragadis opened a new 1,400 m2 EUROSPAR Supermarket in Sant Jaume d’Enveja, Tarragona region. The 24-person staff of the shop sets itself apart with its high-caliber, new selection. Customers can take advantage of options unique to the area, a variety of services, including a fishmonger section, in addition to a broad selection of products in the bakery section. Customers making daily or weekly purchases have access to 40 parking spots, an electric car charging station, spaces for motorcycles, and bicycles.


spending on modernization

The network of this SPAR retailer has been reinforced by a number of EUROSPAR openings over the last twelve months. The EUROSPAR Supermarkets’ retail sales areas vary in size from 990 square metres to more than 1,500 square metres. All shops have butcher and delicatessen counters, as well as fresh aisles with local produce. For the convenience of their customers, these shops prioritise accessibility, including wide aisles and plenty of parking spaces. The retail selection in each location is chosen to satisfy local customers’ requirements for shopping. Teams of 15 to 30 people are given job opportunities in the stores, which helps SPAR retailer develop retail skills in the areas it serves.


Additionally, the stores have LED lighting and effective refrigeration, which enhances energy sustainability.


Spain SPAR as a source


Regarding SPAR Spain


When a collection of wholesalers came together in 1959 with the goal of joining a global organisation, SPAR Spain was born. As a consequence, the company created Spain’s first chain of voluntary trading.


Barcelona serves as the headquarters. It offers the 13 regional partners assistance for their brands, purchasing, marketing, and communications. The SPAR owners work together to effectively maintain the brand’s national growth.