Coles has a new program for school kids called “Explore a Farm.”

March 16, 2023

Coles has a new program for school kids called “Explore a Farm.”


To educate children about sustainability and food, Coles expands its collaboration with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and produces the free eBook “Grow It Cook It.”


Aussie school children will learn how to be more sustainable and gain a better understanding of how fresh produce makes its way to supermarket shelves thanks to Coles’ partnership with the food education program Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF), which has been extended following a successful three years.

With a trial starting in Victoria before a national rollout starts later this year, the Explore a Farm program will give school students the opportunity to tour a nearby farm and learn from a farmer how fruit and veggies get from the paddock to the shelf.

Also launching today is the free animated eBook Grow It Cook It which features helpful sustainability tips, including how to use all your vegetables, create planters using eggshells, a guide to composting, when to plant and pick your own fruit and vegetables, recycling tips and how to create a mini greenhouse using a container. Seasonally, the eBook will be made accessible for download on the Coles website.

Charlotte Gilbert, general manager of fresh produce at Coles, expressed her pride at the introduction of the two new educational initiatives that will help students better understand the advantages of eating fresh produce as well as the difficulties that farmers face when confronted with extreme weather conditions like floods.

“We are excited to introduce the Grow It Cook It eBook and the Explore a Farm sample program. Both programs will motivate today’s youth to consume more fresh produce and safeguard the environment for coming generations, according to Charlotte.

She said, “We are excited to be expanding our collaboration with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, which will make sure that thousands more kids from all over the nation develop a healthy relationship with food, increase their self-confidence, and learn crucial life skills.

Since 2020, Coles has collaborated with the motivational and useful not-for-profit organization established by renowned Australian chef Stephanie Alexander AO. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, which integrates food education into schools and services and reaches thousands of children and their families each year, is presently offered in more than a thousand schools and early learning facilities across Australia.

Stephanie Alexander is delighted to continue working with Coles for another year and was eager to extend the program to the field in addition to the garden.

All Australian children will have the chance to learn about the wonders of seasonal produce and the pleasure of sharing it with friends and family thanks to the Explore a Farm program and Grow It Cook It eBook, she said.

We are grateful for Coles’ ongoing support, which will enable us to expand our program and serve more Australian children and their families. “Coles shares our passion for fresh, healthy food that everyone can enjoy,” she said.

All pupils who tour farms as part of the immersive excursion will receive the Grow It Cook It booklet, a terracotta pot, a recipe card showcasing the crop covered in the program, and seedlings, according to Coles Ambassador Curtis Stone.

Students will have the chance to observe how fresh fruit and veggies are grown, harvested, and prepared for our shelves as farmers serve as teachers for the day, he said.

The effect the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program has already had on thousands of Australian children and their families has been amazing, and he predicted that the Explore a Farm program and Grow It Cook It eBook would have a similar effect.

The Thomas Chirnside Primary School children will be welcomed by Fresh Select CEO John Said to his Werribee farm so that they can gain an understanding of where fruit and vegetables are grown as well as the efforts of Australian farmers.

As a part of the Explore a Farm program, I’m very excited to welcome schoolchildren to our farm. This will be a chance to teach our young people a respect for the land we love and the food it provides us because it has been a difficult few years for farmers, with many having to deal with floods and other extreme weather events, said John.

The Grow It Cook It eBook can be downloaded on Apple Books and Google Play .