a note on Starbucks’ new fulfilment feature, Target Drive Up

November 18, 2022

a note on Starbucks’ new fulfilment feature, Target Drive Up

A team member gives a customer stopped at a Target Drive Up area a Starbucks order.

During the holiday season, Target customers in a few markets can add their favourite handcrafted drinks and foods from Starbucks Café and have the entire Drive Up order delivered to their car via our free curbside service.

240 Target locations in the states of California, Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia have started offering Starbucks with Drive Up service as of early November. As another another way we are invigorating — and easing — the shopping experience, Target and Starbucks are collaborating to offer this convenience of freshly made Starbucks Café favourites through a curbside order pickup. The first retailer to provide this service on this level is Target.

What it does

A visitor will indicate they are in route in the Target app after placing a Drive Up order at a participating Target store and receiving notification that it is ready. Then:

1.The visitor will be given the option to order from the whole Starbucks Café menu. After choosing their Starbucks items, they should click “Add for Drive Up” and finish placing their

2.A Starbucks barista working inside the participating Target store makes the Café order after the customer has finished the Drive Up check-in process and says, “I’m on my way.” Included in this is the packaging of food and drink products to protect their security during transportation, such as drink stoppers that tightly cover lid openings.

3.Tap “I’m here” on the Target app after parking in the allocated Drive Up space. The freshly prepared Starbucks order and the customer’s Drive Up purchase are then delivered to their car by a Target team member.

a background scene

Late in 2021, Target started construction on the Starbucks with Drive Up app capabilities after customers enthusiastically demanded the option. This summer, we tested the service out on a small number of team members at a few stores. We used their comments as part of our test-and-learn methodology to perfect Starbucks with Drive Up before introducing it to our customers. As we continue to improve the service, we will also keep improving the offer.

a note on Starbucks' new fulfilment feature, Target Drive Up

Building on our incredible store experience

Starbucks with Drive Up builds upon Target’s more than 20-year partnership with Starbucks, which today has more than 1,700 Cafés serving up comfort in our stores around the country. With the ability to add a Starbucks drink or menu item to a Drive Up order, we are making Target runs through our same-day services even more rewarding and convenient than ever.