€40 million in cutting-edge technology for Smurfit Kappa’s Polish growth.

May 15, 2023

€40 million in cutting-edge technology for Smurfit Kappa’s Polish growth.


Investment has produced one of Europe’s most advanced packaging facilities.

murfit Kappa has successfully concluded its most recent investment project in Poland, which resulted in a major expansion of the company’s corrugated manufacturing facility in Pruszków. As a result of the development, this facility is now Smurfit Kappa’s largest in Poland and is recognised as one of the most cutting-edge and advanced packaging operations in all of Europe.

It is anticipated that an additional fifty new positions will be generated at the plant in addition to the cutting-edge machinery that will be put there. This will bring the total number of people employed at the location to over two hundred fifty.

The facility will be able to better serve its customer portfolio, which already comprises some of the most well-known brands in the FMCG food and beverage industries and includes customers from both the local and international markets, thanks to the creation of these new employment.

As part of the investment in Poland, a number of cutting-edge pieces of converting equipment, as well as a brand-new, state-of-the-art corrugator, will be installed.

The manufacturing facility was also outfitted with a brand-new finished goods warehouse that has the capacity to store more than 12,000 pallets.

Due to the investment, annual production of boxes will increase to a total of 500 million, and the facility will eventually expand to a total area of 37,500 square metres.

Smurfit Kappa North-East Europe CEO Jacek Nieweglowski made the following statement at the official opening event, which was attended by hundreds of Smurfit Kappa customers: “We are thrilled to officially introduce the new production plant here in Pruszków. The completion of this project took a little over a year, and it will allow us to continue to pursue our strategic aim of becoming the supplier of choice to our clients, especially those customers who are looking for the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

In addition, the Chief Executive Officer of Smurfit Kappa Europe, Saverio Mayer, made the following statement: “This significant investment marks our strategic commitment to our presence in Poland and in Eastern Europe.” The Pruszków plant is an essential component of our company, and its personnel is comprised of talented and professional individuals who are fully dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service to our clientele.

The market share for corrugated packaging in Europe is presently held by Smurfit Kappa, making them the current market leader.





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