RELEX Solutions and SPAR International enter into a Preferred Supplier Agreement.

February 14, 2023

RELEX Solutions and SPAR International enter into a Preferred Supplier Agreement.


It is with great pleasure that SPAR International announces the signing of a Preferred Supplier Agreement with RELEX Solutions. By improving customer happiness and lowering operating costs in a market that is continually changing, RELEX Solutions assists retailers, wholesale businesses, grocers, and producers of consumer packaged goods in achieving profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels.

Their market-leading, integrated supply chain and retail planning platform aids in the alignment and optimization of demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning along the whole value chain for retailers and consumer products companies.


Increased sales, less waste, greater sustainability, and the highest return on investment for inventory, space, labour, and capacity are all results of their efforts.


Due to this agreement, SPAR Partners get an initial 4% discount on all SaaS-products RELEX provides for the first year. An overview of the services RELEX offers is provided below.


The Henderson Group, one of our SPAR Partners, already uses RELEX’s demand forecasting and management tools. They describe the system and the advantages it offers their company in this video from the Connected Retail Conference in 2020.

As SPAR International, we believe it’s critical to have contracts in place with Suppliers who can assist SPAR Partners with today’s major problems. We decided to work with RELEX for the following primary reasons.


Planning for demand and supply chains

With RELEX Solutions, SPAR Partners are able to build more effective supply chains that are less affected by changes in customer needs. They can also work more effectively with companies that manufacture consumer packaged goods, for example. This white paper has more information on the subject.


Supply Chain Waste Reduction

Three simple techniques to cut supply chain waste are provided in this blog post. RELEX just took home the prize for Best Sustainability Initiative at the NRF in New York as a result of their ideas.


Having the appropriate goods available at the appropriate time

Fresh items are getting more attention in the SPAR Community and in retail generally. However, there is also a risk of waste when using fresh products. Having a system that facilitates forecasting and replenishing in this area is therefore necessary. Additionally, it is crucial to stock your shop with the appropriate goods at the appropriate time. This white paper contains a useful guidance on how to manage seasonal inventory more effectively.


Please go to RELEX’s SPAR Connect website.