New, informative, entertaining: EDEKA launches YouTube format “What the Fact?! By EDEKA”

September 21, 2022

New, informative, entertaining: EDEKA launches YouTube format “What the Fact?! By EDEKA”

Now there is light in the dark sustainability jungle! Because EDEKA will publish from 23.9. every two weeks one of six episodes of “What the Fact?! By EDEKA”. The new science format uses fact-based yet entertaining YouTube videos to explain knowledge about sustainability and the associated topics of food value, recycling, water scarcity, social commitment, climate and biodiversity. Questions are answered such as “Why does chaos under plants protect our food?” or “Why do crooked cucumbers protect scarce resources and the climate?”. Independent host of What the Fact?! By EDEKA” is Cedric Engels, aka Doctor Whatson, who regularly provides 265,000 followers with content on his YouTube channel of the same name.

Achieving more together: EDEKA and consumers

For EDEKA, “What the Fact?! By EDEKA” is a novelty – the company’s other YouTube formats such as “yumtamtam powered by EDEKA” are all about recipes and enjoyment. “What the fact?! By EDEKA”, on the other hand, is fully dedicated to the overarching topic of sustainability and motivates younger consumers in particular to deal with sustainability and to become active themselves. With the new format, EDEKA is also underscoring its commitment to sustainability and emphasizing the relevance of the topics covered.


In order to draw the attention of as many customers as possible to the new YouTube format, EDEKA is advertising “What the Fact?! By EDEKA” intensively online and offline via Facebook, Instagram, the EDEKA app, the newsletter and in our own magazine MIT LIEBE. From the YouTube videos, users are redirected to, where they can find detailed information on EDEKA’s numerous measures and projects on a specially created landing page. Below you will find the links to the trailer and the landing page: