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Lidl Unveiled as the Most Trustworthy Supermarket in the UK

Lidl Unveiled as the Most Trustworthy Supermarket in the UK

Lidl, the renowned discount supermarket, has clinched the title of the most trustworthy supermarket in the United Kingdom, as officially recognized by the Ethical Commerce Alliance (ECA). This prestigious acknowledgment comes as a result of the latest Retail Trust Index, where Lidl not only outshone its counterparts within the supermarket industry but also secured the second position in the broader retail sector.

This achievement follows Lidl’s recent recognition as the UK’s most popular supermarket, as determined by YouGov, and its accolade as the most cost-effective grocery store in the latest Grocer Super 33 rankings.

As of October 9th, Lidl GB has earned the distinction of being the most trusted supermarket in the UK, surpassing other supermarkets in the Retail Trust Index, which is an outcome of consumer research conducted by the Ethical Commerce Alliance (ECA).

This outstanding performance defies the trend of declining trust in the supermarket industry, as indicated by recent industry data. In the Retail Trust Index, Lidl stands far ahead of its competitors, with Tesco, the next nearest supermarket, in the 15th position, and fellow discounter Aldi following in the 21st spot. Premium supermarkets such as Waitrose and M&S are ranked 28th and 29th, respectively.

Georgina Hall, Head of Communications & CSR at Lidl GB, commented, “Households have faced significant volatility in recent years. Nevertheless, Lidl GB has consistently demonstrated its commitment to consumers, ensuring they have access to top-quality products at the most affordable prices. Our business is founded on trust and transparency, and it’s gratifying to see this reflected in the Retail Trust Index results.”

During the period covered by the research, Lidl GB played a vital role in offering households access to high-quality, affordable products. In its latest trading update, the supermarket revealed several initiatives to support shoppers, suppliers, and colleagues:

  1. Invested over £100 million to maintain low prices for customers.
  2. Opened approximately 50 new stores, the most among all supermarkets in Great Britain.
  3. Committed £4 billion and announced an accelerated investment in British food businesses for FY23.
  4. Increased pay rates twice within eight months, totaling a £50 million investment.
  5. Launched the Good to Give Trustmark, an industry-first initiative promoting food donations.
  6. Built the world’s largest Lidl distribution center, which recently opened.

Lidl’s continuous dedication to affordable pricing led to it being named the UK’s cheapest supermarket by The Grocer last month.

This accolade comes on the heels of Lidl being recognized as the most popular supermarket in the UK, as determined by a YouGov survey measuring the percentage of shoppers with a positive opinion of a supermarket chain, where Lidl secured the top position.

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