Thursday, July 25, 2024

Lidl Portugal Open Two New Store in Sintra–Mem Martins and Vieira de Leiria

Lidl Portugal invests €11M in two new stores, enhancing design and job opportunities in Sintra–Mem Martins and Vieira de Leiria. Recently, a new store in Sintra–Mem Martins opened by Lidl Portugal with an investment worth €5 million. The funds were used to construct the store as well as re-pave streets and roads that surround it.

The newly built Sintra–Mem Martins outlet has a saleable area of about 1,300 m² which has wider aisles, higher roof and all-glass façade making it look stunning. Customers will find a bakery section full of different types of breads and pastries among other things such as bread cutting machine, natural orange juice machine, and a fishmonger for gutting cod fish or cutting roast chicken.

Among its customer-friendly services include six rapid payment checkouts for baskets and trolleys in addition to providing quality products at affordable prices. Environmentally friendly features include LED lighting, solar panels on the roof top, two electric vehicle charging points within the parking lot.

This new branch has increased Lidl Portugal’s workforce by 21 permanent employees bringing the total number to 36. These workers will get opportunities for career development and training within the company. This takes the total number of Lidl stores in this municipality to fourteen.

In Vieira de Leiria, Lidl Portugal has invested approximately a €6 million in a new store. They are creating 17 new jobs while integrating 12 staff from other units. Thus, giving them a total employee count of 29. Like the outlet at Sintra-Mem Martins, these particular premises follow Lidl’s latest construction design. Which puts special emphasis on simplicity and efficiency, thereby featuring the same vending space of 1300 square meters and similar facilities.


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