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Explosively Popular Fried Chicken Franchise Soaring into NZ Market

Nene Chicken is all set to expand its reach in New Zealand

Popular South Korean fried chicken chain Nene Chicken is set to expand its reach into New Zealand, with plans underway to open 18 new stores throughout the country over the next five years. The move will create hundreds of jobs and generate an estimated $75 million in revenue by 2028.

The brand’s General Manager Marcus Teh has stated that this investment of over $15 million is a win for both the hospitality industry and local suppliers. All fresh products will be sourced within New Zealand, and Nene Chicken expects to employ up to 275 workers nationwide.

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Nene Chicken – or ‘Yes Yes Chicken’ – has stores in the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and the UAE. Its menu includes wraps, lunchbox meals and burgers. Teh stated that the brand is already well established in Australia and serves over 5000 meals a day across the ditch. He also expects it to be just as successful in New Zealand.

The company plans to source 120 tonnes of chicken annually from local suppliers. This would help support regional farmers while also reducing carbon emissions associated with transporting products from overseas locations.

Nene Chicken is part of ST Group, which holds franchise and license rights for PappaRich, Gong cha and Ippudo in New Zealand. This expansion marks the first time that Nene Chicken has expanded outside of Australia and Asia. It will be the company’s debut into the Oceania market.

Where will First Fried chicken brand chain will open

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The chain plans to open its first store in Auckland’s Queen Street. Teh stressed that the success of this chain would depend on support from local communities around New Zealand. He also noted how important it is for brands to operate with social responsibility and be mindful of their environmental impact.

The new stores are expected to launch before Christmas 2021, giving New Zealanders a chance to try the popular brand. It’s likely that Nene Chicken will be a welcome addition to New Zealand, providing employment opportunities and local produce during the festive season.

It is yet to be seen if Nene Chicken can replicate its success in other countries within New Zealand. However, with strong backing from ST Group and plans for expansion into Oceania, the chain looks to be setting itself up for success.

With this new venture, Nene Chicken is continuing its journey of global expansion and helping to support New Zealand’s hospitality industry during a difficult time. If successful, it could lead to more international brands coming into the country and providing further job opportunities in the future.

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Nene Chicken’s arrival in New Zealand is set to provide a much needed boost for the local economy, creating jobs and offering customers unique culinary experiences. The chain will be bringing its famous fried chicken to Queen Street in Auckland before Christmas 2021 – so keep your eyes out for their grand opening!

This new venture marks a significant milestone for Nene Chicken as they continue their mission of providing customers with delicious food in a safe and sustainable way. As the chain moves into its new market, it will be sure to make an impact on New Zealand’s culinary landscape.

Nene Chicken is set to offer something special to the people of New Zealand when they launch later this year – so keep an eye out for their grand opening! It looks like this international fried chicken chain is about to transform the culinary landscape in New Zealand and beyond.

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