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Smurfit Kappa Invests More Than €30 Million In Spain Towards Initiatives Aimed At Reducing Emissions

Smurfit Kappa Invests More Than €30 Million in Spain Towards Initiatives Aimed at Reducing Emissions! Packaging giant Smurfit Kappa has announced an investment of more than €30 million to increase circular production at its Sanguesa and Nervion paper plants in Spain This strategic planning is an important step in Smurfit Kappa’s ongoing efforts to reach sustainability goals, as stated in a recent company announcement.

In a ceremonial unveiling, the company introduced two advanced investments in its Sangüesa and Nervión paper mills. The highlight of this investment is the installation of more than 12,000 solar panels at the Sanguesa mill. These solar power plants, combined with the biomass and recovery boilers already in the mill, are scheduled to provide more than 50% of the mill’s annual energy needs According to Smurfit Kappa, this energy generation is the electricity that homes about 3,600 users.

The new photovoltaic system at Sanguesa represents a significant investment of €6 million and is expected to reduce the mill’s annual CO2 emissions by more than 3,000 tonnes Since 2005, the Sanguesa paper mill has achieved CO2 emissions disposal has dropped dramatically, reducing by more than 51% .

Javier Rivas, COO of Smurfit Kappa Paper and Board Europe, commented on the development, “The recent opening of the Sanguesa and Narvion investments is a milestone for the Smurfit Kappa Paper division and with the EU Green Deal reform to a neutral climate through enhanced clean energy meets technology”. This meeting, in line with the EU Green Deal, confirms the agency’s commitment to integrate clean energy solutions into its activities, and contribute to the broader climate neutrality goal

In addition to installing solar panels in Sanguesa, Smurfit Kappa has allocated 27 million euros to implement its fully circular Nervion paper mill This initiative is described as the company’s most important project delivery will reduce emissions to date. By diverting approximately 75,000 tonnes of waste from landfill, the project will save approximately 450,000 kilometers of road transport annually.

Garrett Quinn, Smurfit Kappa’s chief sustainability officer, emphasized the importance of these initiatives within the company’s broader sustainability strategy. He said, “These two projects represent the Group’s ongoing investment of over €30 million in these two projects alone, delivering emissions reductions and increasing the circularity of our products. ” Quinn’s comments reflect the company’s commitment to not only meeting but exceeding its sustainability goals through capital investments and innovative solutions.

Smurfit Kappa’s investment represents a broader trend in the manufacturing and packaging industries at the Sangüesa and Nervión refineries, where companies drive environmental sustainability sustainability and resource efficiency are given higher priority by investing in renewable energy and circular manufacturing.

These projects in Sangüesa and Nervión will have a lasting impact on the company’s environment, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and waste and setting a standard for the projects When Smurfit Kappa goes does invest in the environment, these projects are evidence of its commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibilities

In summary, Smurfit Kappa Invests

In summary, Smurfit Kappa’s investment of €30 million to increase its paper circularity is not only in line with the EU Green Deal but also sets new standards for sustainable practices permanent presence in the packaging industry. The projects in Sangüesa and Nervión underscore the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, reducing waste and promoting clean energy technologies.  Read about more packaging-related news.

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