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How Coca-Cola Boosts Local Economies and Communities Globally

Being a company focused on beverages, our mission is to refresh the world and have a positive impact. This involves creating drinks that people enjoy while also being mindful of sustainability and enhancing lives and communities.

We operate globally but maintain strong ties to local communities. With a workforce of 700,000 spread across over 200 countries and territories, our unique business model ensures that our products are produced and distributed locally. Our beverages go through a “seed-to-sip” process locally, where our company supplies concentrates and syrups to independent bottling partners. These partners, in turn, source ingredients and packaging materials locally to produce, package, and distribute beverages to customers. This localized approach results in 2.2 billion servings of Coca-Cola Boosts Local Economies products being sold globally each day, constituting what we call the Coca-Cola system.

Essentially, we are deeply ingrained in local economies, creating jobs and supporting communities through the production, distribution, and sale of our beverages.

Michael Goltzman, Senior Vice President of Global Public Policy, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Impact, emphasizes our role as a global company operating on a local scale. Each purchase of our beverage contributes to the local economy, as it likely involves local employees, ingredients, and distribution channels.

Our bottling partners, ranging from large corporations to small family-owned businesses, play a vital role in our business and serve as the face of Coca-Cola Boosts Local Economies within their communities. They collaborate with suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors across various sectors, generating employment opportunities and contributing to the fabric of local economies.

In the United States alone, our system supports over 854,000 jobs, with a significant multiplier effect resulting in the creation of additional jobs. Moreover, the Coca-Cola Boosts Local Economies system’s investment in the national economy through purchasing goods and services from U.S. suppliers amounted to $27.8 billion in 2022, with a total contribution of $57.8 billion to the U.S. economy.

Similarly, in Latin America, where we have a longstanding presence with over 180 bottling plants across 39 countries, the Coca-Cola system supports nearly 1.7 million jobs. This includes supporting farmers like Angelina Diaz Teixeira in Brazil, who supply ingredients for our beverages. The system’s economic contribution in Latin America reached $36 billion in 2021, with significant tax contributions to local governments.

Coca-Cola Boosts Local Economies

These examples illustrate the extensive economic impact of the Coca-Cola Boosts Local Economies system globally. Our interconnected value chain, involving suppliers, retailers, and various partners, contributes to economic growth in communities worldwide.

Beyond economic contributions, we are commited to supporting communities through volunteerism, donations, and grants from The Coca-Cola Foundation. These efforts focus on environmental and social initiatives such as education, economic empowerment, recycling, water stewardship, and disaster relief.

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