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One hundred Coles dairy farms get a share of $1.45 million in grants to help with sustainable farming

Coles is helping the dairy industry become more sustainable. They announced that 100 Coles dairy farms across the country will share $1.45 million in grants from the new Dairy Farm Sustainability Accelerator Fund.

These grants, which can be as much as $50,000 each, are given to Coles’ direct-sourcing dairy farmers. The money will be used for various projects to promote innovation and improve animal welfare, solar energy usage, and farm infrastructure.

Brad Gorman, Coles General Manager for Dairy, Freezer, and Convenience, said they want to give their farmers opportunities to invest in research and projects that promote sustainable farming and innovation. Coles directly contracts with farms in several regions to supply milk for their Coles Brand Fresh milk and some Coles Brand cheese.

The projects funded by these grants will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil quality, managing water resources, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing animal welfare. Coles is eager to see the positive impact of these initiatives on both the farms and the environment.

Benjamin and Melissa Holloway, Coles dairy farmers, are among the grant recipients. They plan to use the funds to install an 80kw solar roof system on their farm in Victoria. This addition to their existing solar system will significantly increase their renewable energy capacity.

The Parkinson family, another group of Coles dairy farmers, will use the grant money to build a 100-mega dam on one of their properties in Victoria. This dam will store excess wastewater and provide water for their farms during dry seasons.

One hundred Coles dairy farms get a share

Other projects supported by these grants include the development of shade shelters and tree shelter belts for cattle in Western Australia, the construction of methane catchment ponds in Victoria, the installation of touch screens for farm management in Victoria, upgrading irrigation systems in Western Australia, and adding rainwater tanks to a farm in New South Wales.

The Coles Sustainable Dairy Development Group works closely with direct-supply dairy farmers to promote sustainability. They have already invested over $3.78 million in on-farm initiatives, including education, training, and improvements in herd health and milk quality.

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