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Tesco To Introduce British Ham, Egg, And Chips Sandwich

Tesco To Introduce British Ham, Egg, And Chips Sandwich

Popular foods that many people enjoy in Britain are ham, potatoes, and chips. Now, you can find this delicacy in sandwich form in Tesco supermarkets.

The sandwich is part of Tesco’s new menu that celebrates food from around the world but still pays homage to traditional British food. Instead of a typical platter, this sandwich consists of two pieces of soft white bread with beechwood-smoked ham, creamy egg mayonnaise, crispy salt, vinegar string fries, and tangy tomato ketchup -It sets this up

Sarah Bayer, a dietitian at Tesco who created the sandwich, thinks it could be a favourite, especially for those in a hurry. He says, “We believe ham, egg, and chip sandwiches can be a classic breakfast for people on the go.

We noticed how popular chips, butties, and crispy sandwiches are, so we blended those flavours with British ham, eggs, and chips.” among the celebrities.” so far.

The addition of mild salt and vinegar fries offers the sandwich a satisfying flavour, enhancing the flavours of the creamy ham and egg mayonnaise.

Although the sandwich is currently in a constrained edition, Tesco plans to position it on the menu if it proves popular with customers.

This is not the first time Tesco has tried the sandwich. In the past, they have created uncommon mixtures, which include lasagne sandwiches, paella sandwiches, and even sandwiches that play soccer tunes while open!

The ham, egg and chips sandwich is available in all Tesco stores for £3. That said, Tesco offers other sandwiches inspired by international delicacies, which include Miso Chicken and Pickled Slaw, Mexican-style Chicken Tinga and Korean-style Gochujang Chicken Up

The history of Sandwich began in 1762, when John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich, requested meals he could consume at a game of cards. This caused the creation of the sandwich, as we realize it these days. Over time, in particular with the discovery of sliced ​​bread in the 1900s, sandwiches have become famous all over the world.

So, if you’re in Tesco and you’re hungry, why not attempt a ham, egg, and chips sandwich? It’s a delicious twist on a British tradition that’s positive enough to leave your flavour buds yearning. For more information, visit https://www.tescoplc.com/


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