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SPAR Slovenia’s Ongoing Dedication to Cleaning Slovenian Waters


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On World Cleanup Day,SPAR Slovenia reaffirms its unwavering commitment to preserving the purity of Slovenia’s rivers and lakes. For the seventh consecutive year, SPAR Slovenia proudly served as the primary sponsor of the annual Krka River cleanup initiative. During this year’s event, the Novo mesto Underwater Activities Club divers successfully extracted a remarkable 450 kilograms of waste from the river and its surrounding banks.

The Annual Krka River Cleanup Tradition

The Krka River cleanup has evolved into a significant annual tradition with a storied history. Initiated by the Underwater Activities Club, this event recently celebrated its 30th edition on Saturday, 2 September. A total of 106 dedicated participants, including divers, volunteers, fishermen, and members of the local rafting club in Novo mesto, united for this noteworthy cause.

In 1993, the Underwater Activities Club initiated its first river cleanup, driven by a desire to safeguard the river’s delicate ecosystem. However, the magnitude of pollution discovered prompted them to transform this initial effort into an enduring annual tradition. Furthermore, they expanded their invitation to encompass a broader community of divers.

Sustained Support for the Slovenian Diving Association

SPAR Slovenia’s involvement in the Krka River cleanup marks its third significant cleanup campaign of the year. Previously, the retailer lent its support to the cleanup initiatives targeting the Ljubljanica River and Lake Bled in April and May. Notably, SPAR Slovenia has been a steadfast main sponsor of the Slovenian Diving Association since 2017, consistently participating in the cleanup efforts aimed at various Slovenian rivers, lakes, and seas. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in the successful cleanup of more than 14 locations, including the Ljubljanica, the Mura, the Drava, the Sava, the Ščavnica, Lake Bled, Lake Soboško, and the Fiese shores.

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