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SPAR South Africa transforms local shopping with new partnerships

SPAR South Africa transforms local shopping with new partnerships

SPAR South Africa is partnering with local providers to enhance its SPAR2U delivery service in underserved areas (townships) across the country. This initiative challenges the perception that these areas are high-risk and difficult to serve adequately.

One notable partnership is with KasiD, a food delivery service that played a crucial role in launching the SPAR2U home delivery service in Tembisa. The collaboration with KasiD will facilitate the expansion of SPAR2U services to various locations. Another partnership with Delivery Ka Speed in Pretoria allowed the retailer to extend its reach to Mamelodi and Hamanskraal. SPAR plans to establish additional partnerships with local providers to offer SPAR2U in townships nationwide.

Emphasizing the convenience of online shopping, Blake Raubenheimer, omnichannel executive at SPAR South Africa, explains, “Residents in these areas can now easily access SPAR2U by downloading the app, placing an order from their favorite store, and our partners will handle the delivery. A significant portion of South Africans reside in townships, and they should have the same access to the ease and convenience of online shopping and home deliveries as residents in city areas.”

Raubenheimer highlights the cost-saving opportunities associated with these deliveries. Residents will no longer need to queue at taxi ranks or travel long distances for shopping. Neighbors are collaborating, pooling their grocery needs, sharing delivery costs, and ultimately saving money. These savings, previously spent on travel, are redirected towards purchasing food, benefiting families directly. The expanded variety of groceries available through the SPAR2U service is also empowering households to diversify their food choices.

Acknowledging the financial challenges faced by many households, Raubenheimer notes, “We understand that for the poorest 10% of households, food makes up 40% of their total expenditure. If we can help our shoppers save, either through our house brand SPAR products or by delivering their groceries to their doors, then we’re committed to that, regardless of their location.”

Expressing dedication to community involvement, Raubenheimer adds, “We are deeply dedicated to becoming a part of these communities. We seek to deliver SPAR retail services through our local partners who possess an acute understanding of local needs, actively support local causes, and provide employment for individuals from the very communities they serve.


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