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Target Debuts Exclusive Pickleball Collection With Tennis Brand Prince

Target Debuts Exclusive Pickleball Collection With Tennis Brand Prince

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation made waves with its latest announcement on April 16, 2024, revealing an exciting collaboration with popular tennis lifestyle brand Prince Riding on the wave of the pickle round’s soaring popularity,

Target has unveiled its limited-edition Prince for Target collection, featuring nearly 80 exclusive items.

The collection encompasses apparel, accessories and sporting goods for men and women, all set at affordable prices, starting at $9.99, with most costing less than $50

Pickleball, described as the fastest-growing sport in the country, is about to get a premium and more accessible look with Target’s latest offering.

From trendy pieces like skirts and retro-inspired tracksuits to essential toys like paddles, pickle balls and duffles, the collection promises something for everyone, whether you’re a court newcomer or someone skilled in the field.

Jill Sandow, Target’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer for apparel & accessories, home, and radicalism, emphasized the appeal of exclusive collections.

Target’s commitment to providing customers with unique, contemporary products at unbeatable prices.

The partnership with Prince fits well with Target’s ethos of providing pickleball fans nationwide with high-quality apparel and accessories that match the demands of the sport

Collaborating with Prince’s design team, the Prince for Target collection features vibrant colours, patterns and beautiful graphics, capturing the essence of pickleball while embracing its athletic nature

Standout items include retro-inspired tracksuits, pleated skirts and dresses, and eye-catching pickleball paddles artfully decorated to complement the outfit

Starting April 20, eager shoppers can grab their favourite pieces from the Prince for Target collection at most Target stores and online at Target.com while sales last.

To enhance the shopping experience, Target offers convenient fulfilment options such as drive-up and Order Pickup, which ensure fast delivery within two hours, in addition to no need for a small purchase or subscription fee.

Target newspaper owners can get a 5% discount when using their card to make purchases, as part of Target’s revamped newspaper program.

As a company deeply rooted in community engagement, Target is dedicated to improving the lives of families across the country, modelled by its continued value and commitment to giving back. It has donated 5% of its profits to the community since 1946. For more information on Target’s programs, visit its corporate website and media centre.

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