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HEINEKEN Panama initiates domestic manufacturing of its Heineken® beer

In an unprecedented move for the Panamanian economy, HEINEKEN Panama has begun local production of the famous Heineken® beer, marking a pivotal moment for the industry and the country this important step to boost the local economy , has created employment opportunities, the highest international standards -It also underlines a strong commitment to promote manufacturing standards.

With more than 60 years of history in the Panamanian industry, HEINEKEN has strengthened its position, especially through the acquisition of Cervecerías Barú more than 20 years ago, the decision to produce Heineken® locally reaffirms company confidence has in Panama’s economic potential and vibrant emphasizes professionalism.

This commitment is reflected in the impressive growth of the brand, which boasts a growth rate of 59% in the past two years, a testament to HEINEKEN’s expertise in tourism and growth in the Panamanian market.

By investing more than the U.S. $8 million to realize this project, with the aim of upgrading and strengthening winery infrastructure and logistics These investments do not necessarily modernize local production facilities not only but also ensures that HEINEKEN complies with stringent global quality standards.

By brewing Heineken® locally, beer can now reach Panamanian consumers with unmatched freshness, reinforcing the brand’s value proposition and its premium proposition in the market Furthermore, the company plans to have stepped up their local production this year with the introduction of Heineken® Silver.

This milestone is important not only for its direct economic impact through investment and employment but also for its ripple effects on the local supply chain. By 2025, HEINEKEN Panama is expected to expand its workforce by more than 8%.

Heineken®’s local manufacturing in Panama heralds the beginning of sustainable economic growth, backed by the investment of local talent and cutting-edge technology This effort does not appear to be keeping the company on its feet not only contributes significantly to the economic growth and prosperity of the country as well.

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