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Heineken Brazil Unveils Its New Impact Business Ecosystem

HEINEKEN Brazil, the country’s second-largest brewery, has launched Spin, a new touch-screen business model. This audacious venture begins with industry leaders, such as Ambipar, Rizoma Agro, Raizen, Ultragaz, Better Drinks, Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) with an initial investment of R $ 150 million Spin when HEINEKEN comes to Brazil in 2010. ESG (Environmental). , social, and governance) mark the most important milestones along the journey. The brewery’s mission now extends beyond brewing beer to actively support the transformation and decarbonization of its value chain.

Four-Column Grinding To Create A Lasting Effect

Spin is organized around four important pillars, each addressing a key part of the climate crisis: circular packaging, renewable agriculture, energy transition, impact brands and these pillars , although distinct in their business models, share the common goal of creating shared value through collaboration between the winery, its partners and the general public

New Birth Agriculture

In collaboration with Rizoma Agro, the first phase of Spin’s regenerative farming is planned to be demonstrated on 800 hectares in the rural town of Itu in São Paulo This project focuses on organic citrus production through an agroforestry regeneration program that it bears fruit using the mechanics of nature itself. The project aims to sequester carbon, increase regional resilience and create at least 100 new jobs. Harvested fruits will be sold and profits reinvested to expand the business model to other parts of the country.

Circular Packaging

In partnership with Ambipar, HEINEKEN Brazil is introducing a new circular program to recycle more glass bottles than are currently sold. The project targets areas where packaging materials are plentiful but glass collection is low due to expensive reverse logistics. The plan includes establishing customers, establishing and managing facilities to recycle glass waste into production, thus increasing recycled content in winery bottles This closed system ensure efficient recycling and good remuneration for all involved, including recyclable collectors.

Impact Brands

Spin aims to connect social and environmental programs with consumers through its influential brand pillar. Spin and Better Drinks have partnered with CUFA Favelas Business School to introduce a partnership model where traditional financial support is replaced by shared resources. HEINEKEN allows access to raw materials, manufacturing processes and an efficient distribution system, while partners focus on developing new purpose-driven products This partnership allows everyone to learn product, it expands market share for raw materials and shares the results among participating companies.

Energy Transformation

HEINEKEN Brazil, already a producer of renewable energy beer, is proud of Heineken® Green Energy, one of the country’s largest renewable energy initiatives, produced in partnership with Raízen and Ultragaz.

A Vision Of Co-Development

HEINEKEN Brazil CEO Mauricio Giamellaro stresses the need to rethink growth models. “Facing more and more catastrophic events, we believe that collaboration is the best way to change the world of work that needs to happen. In order to give this tool new meaning, the cycle of capital must keep rotating He’s.” talking.

Mauro Homem, vice president of sustainability and corporate affairs at HEINEKEN Brazil, reflects on the trip around. “Years of study and discussion led us to Spin City, which is now our desire for growth and positive impact to attend together. With the first classes and outcomes of this ecosystem, we hope that jobs.” other, directly or indirectly… sector, approximately.” join us in action.” It can inspire better solutions, and above all, better solutions for the planet.”

The spin represents a transformational step for HEINEKEN Brazil, providing a model for sustainable business practices and collaborative development in brewing.


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