Thursday, July 25, 2024

Fresh Del Monte Honored With The 2024 Seal Business Sustainability Award

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Has been presented the celebrated 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Award, spotting its tremendous commitment to environmental stewardship via the JUNTOS Project. Launched in 2021 in collaboration with the German improvement organisation GIZ, this initiative specializes in large-scale landscape recuperation, water conservation, and sustainable improvement in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

The JUNTOS Project has made considerable strides in reforestation and biodiversity conservation. To date, it has efficaciously reforested 348 hectares and set aside over 10,000 hectares for biodiversity maintenance. Additionally, more than four hundred hectares had been proposed as non-public flora and fauna refuges. The project’s comprehensive technique includes no longer handiest reforestation however additionally community engagement and schooling on sustainable practices.

Fresh Del Monte’s efforts are part of a broader method to create a more sustainable future for the planet. The enterprise is committed to expanding the JUNTOS Project’s impact, aiming to duplicate its achievement in other areas and continuing to sell sustainability across all areas of its operations.

“This reputation is a testomony to our determination to sustainability and the tangible influences of our efforts,” stated Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman and CEO of Fresh Del Monte. “We are proud of the development we’ve made and continue to be committed to using fantastic environmental trade.”

About Fresh Del 

Fresh Del is a agency that specializes in providing sparkling, superb end result and vegetables. They recognition on sourcing produce from local farms and handing over it directly to purchasers’ doorsteps, making sure that the goods are as fresh as possible. Fresh Del emphasizes sustainability and supports neighborhood agriculture by means of decreasing the time and distance between farm and table. This technique helps to reduce the environmental impact of transportation and supports the nearby economic system. Fresh Del also offers loads of subscription plans and one-time buy options to cater to different purchaser wishes and alternatives.


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