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Diageo boosts glass recycling partnership


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In 2023, the Don’t Trash Glass programme in Illinois collected an impressive 2.2 million pounds of glass. Now, this successful programme is extending its reach into Kentucky, courtesy of Diageo North America. Diageo partnered with ‘Don’t Trash Glass’ in Illinois last year to collect a significant amount of glass, and the programme, now expanding its support to Kentucky, is a joint effort between Diageo North America, the Glass Packaging Institute, and GlassKing Recovery and Recycling, which aims to encourage local pubs and restaurant businesses to collect used glass bottles, with the ultimate goal of increasing local recycling rates

Glass recycling partnership

Jayant Kairam, vice president of the Society for Diageo North America, expressed great satisfaction with the program’s success in Illinois and its expansion into Kentucky He stressed the importance of the program, especially in Kentucky, where Bulleit, Blade & Bow , and I.W.’Don ‘t Weed Glass’. By collaborating, Diageo aims to increase glass recycling rates in both countries, especially considering the multifaceted nature of these areas.

The ‘Don’t Trash Glass’ initiative was launched as a pilot project in the Greater Chicago area in 2021. It gained traction, and in 2023, Diageo received additional support from the Smirnoff brand, over 2.2 million units glass bottles Making a donation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . More than 50 businesses collected more than 50 pounds of glass. This success story led to the expansion of the program to other cities in Illinois, including Evanston, Rosemont and Waukegan.

Eric Rose, an accomplice at Bob City in Rosemont, IL, praised the program for its transformation and high-quality environmental impact. He emphasised that the ‘Don’t Trash Glass’ application is relatively properly applicable to satisfy the desires of Bob City and other businesses. The smooth, turnkey provider furnished via this system also helped facilitate the collection of equipped-to-recycle glass from diverse assets

Scott Defief, president of the Glass Packaging Institute, emphasised the significance of partnerships, just like the one with Diageo to sell glass recycling throughout Illinois. The developing interest from cities and local officials in Illinois demonstrates the potential and capability impact of the Don’t Trash Glass application.

Kentucky, with its 15% glass recycling rate, offers a ‘Don’t Trash Glass’ patent program that promises to make a difference. The project will be launched nationally this summer, to support efforts to increase glass recycling and encourage sustainable development in the region.

Diageo’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond its commitment to the ‘Don’t Trash Glass’ initiative. The company is actively engaged in practices aimed at reducing waste and improving the efficiency of the textile stream in its operations This effort leads to stated sustainability goals in line with Diageo’s ten-year movement strategy ‘Society 2030: The Spirit of Growth’.

In addition to supporting external initiatives including ‘Don’t Litter Glass’, Diageo is committed to promoting sustainable packaging in its business This has sought to provide a has increased the value of recycled materials and has redesigned its iconic glass packaging by introducing improved yields to reduce packaging weight

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