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By Metro Logistics Alnatura’s Fresh Produce Logistics Are Handled

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Metro Logistics is taking on the task of managing fresh produce logistics for Alnatura, a top organic retailer in Germany. This arrangement covers logistics for Alnatura’s own stores and those supplied by Alnatura for fruits & vegetables, dairy, and parts of the dry goods range. Metro Logistics sites in Kirchheim, Altlandsberg, and Bergkirchen will handle storing, picking, and managing approximately 20 million packaging units, marking a significant collaboration between the two companies.

Altlandsberg and Kirchheim sites will serve as supra-regional distribution centers for about 150 Alnatura stores and food retailers, handling fresh produce, fruits & vegetables, and dry goods. The Bergkirchen site will function as a cross-dock platform for the Bavarian region. The operational launch is set for April 2024, following an extensive concept phase to tailor logistics to Alnatura’s needs due to a shift in its purchasing strategy.

Rüdiger Kasch, Alnatura’s managing director, explains the aim is to manage purchasing internally and work directly with producers. Alnatura will take responsibility for supplying fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, to over 150 Alnatura Super Natur stores and partner stores nationwide, while also distributing fresh produce from Metro Logistics to retail partners. Collaboration with existing organic wholesalers will continue, mainly for beverages in refillable packaging and regional products.

Arnd Stoehr, Managing Director of Metro Logistics, emphasizes their expertise in temperature-controlled logistics and quality management. They have trained personnel for quality assurance of organic goods, meeting Alnatura’s high standards.

Metro Logistics

Metro Logistics provides six temperature zones for storing and handling groceries in national distribution centers, certified according to relevant food standards like IFS Logistics or organic.

Alnatura’s new approach to fresh food logistics aims for centralized product range management, sustainability, and increased efficiency across the supply chain.

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