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Żabka Launches New Campaign to Highlight In-Store Services

Żabka Launches a New Campaign to Highlight In-Store Services! Polish retailer Żabka has launched a new campaign named “Załatw to w Żabce” (Get it in Żabka) to highlight the wide range of services available in its stores Running from 5 June to 2, 2024. The campaign is designed to be used to introduce customers to places that can be found in various parts of Zabka

The campaign will be promoted in various channels, including television, radio, online press, in-store advertising and through the Żappka mobile application This comprehensive promotional program aims to reach a wider audience and look as consumers aware of the different services offered in Żabka.

The creative direction and advertising areas of the campaign were developed by the agency GONG, while media buying responsibilities were handled by Price Media The collaboration between these agencies aims to enhance the reach and effectiveness of the campaign.

Żabka shops offer a range of services designed to make everyday tasks easier for customers. These services include payments, GSM starter purchases and registrations, deposits and withdrawals, and parcel sending and receiving packages By providing these services, Żabka positions itself as a solution with one place for the needs of different customers.

Przemysław Tomaszewski, director of Żabka Polska revenue and carrier development, highlighted Żabka’s unique role in Poland He said, “We are the simplest organization in Poland to offer our customers one of these many full packages, already available at more than 10,000 locations.” Come to the nearby town of Zabka, where you can handle many things quickly and easily.”

Tomaszewski emphasized that the “Załatw to w Żabce” campaign does not feature well-known projects such as the parcel series and that it interacts with the pinnacle-u.S.However, it introduces revolutionary new projects. These new services include shoe washing and smartphone returns, with Abka keeping shelves for-profit and attraction for the trip.

To attract customers, Żabka will feature the promotions on several occasions for the duration of the campaign. For example, from June 26 to July 9, 2024, customers will be able to have WoshWosh repair their summer sports and activity shoes for PLN In addition, free repair services can be offered by phone from June 12–25. Bolttech, previously offered in Digital Care, . will offer these portable units in a variety of versions: Approved maintenance, commitment to realistic applications, and unexpected maintenance with best practices

These promotions are designed to encourage customers to enjoy the new offerings and understand how easy it would be to fulfil more than one responsibility at their local Jabka Keep. By offering a unique product at a premium price, Żabka wants to inspire customer interest and loyalty.

The “Załatw to w Żabce” campaign represents Żabka’s commitment to making life easier for customers and saving their time. Offering a wide range of services in one convenient location, Żabka is constantly improving and meeting the needs of customers. With more than 10,000 locations throughout Poland, Żabka’s comprehensive service is easily accessible, making it even easier for customers to manage their daily tasks

In summary, Żabka Launches

Żabka’s latest campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer convenience. By encouraging various projects and attractive promotions, Żabka aims to position itself as the leading retailer in Poland, known for its charitable causes every day, which is strongly easier and more efficient for its customers. Read more related news.

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