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WestRock’s Triumph at the 80th Annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition

WestRock’s Ten Awards for Packaging Excellence and Innovation

WestRock Company (NYSE: WRK), a renowned provider of sustainable paper and packaging solutions, has recently made waves in the industry by clinching ten prestigious awards for their outstanding packaging design at the 80th annual North American Paperboard Packaging Competition. This esteemed competition, backed by the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC), is widely regarded as one of the foremost events for packaging manufacturers in the industry. Let’s dive deeper into WestRock’s impressive achievements.

The Package of the Year: WhistlePig Whiskey PiggyBank

WestRock’s standout achievement was securing the Package of the Year award for their brilliant design for WhistlePig Whiskey PiggyBank. This packaging is not your typical box; it’s a sturdy and visually appealing box with a unique twist. When you open it, you’ll find a bottle shaped like a pig, creating an exciting “reveal” of the product. Thanks to its high-end appearance and limited-edition status, the carton quickly became a sought-after collector’s item, celebrating WhistlePig’s premium standard. WestRock was commended for their “commitment to detail and structural innovation in delivering premium packaging that offered a memorable unboxing experience.” They collaborated with Grounded World to bring this innovative design to life.

Innovation of the Year: EnduraGrip™

In addition to the Package of the Year award, WestRock also secured the Innovation of the Year award for their EnduraGrip™ packaging solution. This solution offers an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic clips and shrink wrap traditionally used in multi-packs and bottles, especially for Costco Wholesale’s Kirkland Signature™ products. What sets EnduraGrip™ apart is its construction from renewable materials and the option for brand customization, thanks to its print-friendly surface. Costco estimates that they will reduce plastic waste by a substantial 145 tons annually by adopting this packaging for their Kirkland Signature™ Cooking Oil. The PPC, in their announcement of award winners, noted that “EnduraGrip™ showcases the potential of fiber-based packaging to replace single-use plastics, offering a win-win for sustainability and cost-efficiency.”

A Testimony to Excellence and Sustainability

WestRock’s President of Consumer Packaging, Sam Shoemaker, expressed their pride and gratitude for the recognition received from the Paperboard Packaging Council. “We are honored to be recognized by the Paperboard Packaging Council for our packaging design and innovation,” said Sam Shoemaker. “Our teams take great pride in creating fiber-based packaging that is innovative, sustainable, and helps our customers protect their products and showcase their brands.”

These awards were not handed out lightly. Entries in the competition were assessed by a panel of packaging professionals who were on the lookout for innovative and sustainable packaging designs in the North American folding carton industry.

WestRock’s Impressive List of Awards

Apart from the Package of the Year and Innovation of the Year awards, WestRock took home several other prestigious accolades in various categories. Here is a breakdown of their accomplishments:

  • Gold Award: Warner Brothers 100th Anniversary Amazon Gift Sets.
  • Gold Award in Sustainability and Innovation: KapCollar™.
  • Gold Award in Sustainability: Cluster-Clip™ Kirkland Signature Marinara Sauce.
  • Excellence Award: Sprig by KOHLER.
  • Excellence Award in Innovation: Sharpie Ultimate Collection Pack.
  • Excellence Award: Sally Hansen X Keith Haring Miracle Gel Duo & Trio.
  • Excellence Award in Sustainability: Eos 100% Natural and Organic Lip Balm Stick Club Pack.
  • Excellence Award in Sustainability and Innovation: Bonterra Plastic Replacement Tissue Box.

This impressive list of awards showcases WestRock’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the packaging industry. Their dedication to sustainability and their ability to create memorable unboxing experiences have earned them well-deserved recognition, setting a high standard for the entire industry.

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