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Mission Produce™ UK’s Expansion Plans to Bring Fresh and Delicious Mission Mangos to the UK


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Mission Produce™ UK’s Expansion Plans to Bring Fresh and Delicious Mission Mangos to the UK

Mission Produce™ UK’s (NASDAQ: AVO), a prominent global player in the avocado industry, and also known simply as “Mission,” has unveiled ambitious plans to expand its forward distribution center (FDC) located in Dartford, England.

This strategic move is in response to the remarkable growth and success of their operations in the region. The centerpiece of this expansion project is a substantial increase in the center’s ripening capacity, complemented by the addition of mango operations to their portfolio. The envisioned completion date for this substantial undertaking is set for the spring of 2024, at which point it will significantly augment the infrastructure and facilities.

Key components of this expansion project encompass the construction of an additional fifty percent of Mission Control ripening rooms, the establishment of a dedicated area for mango-specific operations, and the augmentation of cold storage and warehouse spaces. These upgrades are not only a testament to Mission’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, ripe avocados but also a strategic response to the ever-growing demand for their products in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Paul Frowde, the Managing Director of Mission Produce Europe & UK, articulated the company’s excitement about this expansion endeavor, stating, “With our facility expansion, we’re gearing up to significantly increase our capacity and explore the untapped potential of the mango market.

We’ve been consistently expanding our presence in the UK by staying true to our promise of being the preferred supplier of high-quality, ripe avocados.” Frowde emphasized the central role of operational excellence and the strength of Mission’s global network and vertical integration in offering customers the convenience of a one-stop solution for the expert ripening of both avocados and mangos.

The expansion plan goes beyond just accommodating increased volumes of avocados and introducing mangos into the market; it also includes state-of-the-art technology implementation. Mission Produce is set to incorporate cutting-edge mango sorting and packing lines, enhance warehouse and cold storage capabilities, and outfit additional ripe rooms with Mission Control. This innovative ripening process, developed in collaboration with Cross Group, is renowned for its ability to improve product uniformity and expedite the ripening process of avocados.

“We’re placing our faith in our extensive expertise in the art of ripening and our commitment to industry-leading technology to ensure reliability,” noted Michael O’Sullivan, Senior Commercial Manager at Mission Produce UK. He went on to emphasize the pivotal role of consistency in product quality in delivering a positive experience for consumers enjoying mangos, highlighting the extensive opportunities to stimulate demand for mangos in the UK market. With their robust supply chain, Mission Produce is well-positioned to provide consumers with the highest-quality products available.

In summary, Mission Produce, a global leader in the avocado industry, is embarking on a substantial expansion of its distribution center in Dartford, England, aiming to meet the burgeoning demand for avocados and to venture into the mango market.

This expansion encompasses a significant increase in ripening capacity, a dedicated mango operations area, and expanded storage facilities. The company’s unwavering commitment to quality, coupled with the incorporation of cutting-edge technology, underscores their dedication to delivering premium products and enhancing the consumer experience.


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