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Heineken to Close Vietnam Brewery Due to Weak Market

Heineken to Close Vietnam Brewery Due to Weak Market! Heineken, the sector’s 2nd-largest beer business enterprise, is stopping work at one in every of its breweries in Vietnam beginning this month. The enterprise blames low demand and changing consuming conduct within the u. S ..

The brewery is in Quang Nam province, in keeping with a statement sent to Reuters.

Consumer Confidence

“The financial system, which includes the beer enterprise, is suffering due to the slowdown, which has made human beings less confident and changed their shopping for habits,” the company stated.

Vietnam’s stricter drunk driving laws, which set the alcohol restrict for drivers to 0 considering the fact that 2019, have also hurt beer income, they delivered.

For the primary time in decades, Vietnam’s beer market noticed a huge drop in 2023 and persisted to decline this year, Heineken stated.

The organisation said it decided to “quickly stop” the Quang Nam brewery, their smallest one in Vietnam, to cope with “asset-associated issues.”

Efficiency and Economies of Scale

“We’re seeking out ways to be more green and scale up our operations so we will preserve making an investment and developing in Vietnam,” Heineken stated. Some affected personnel will pass to other Heineken breweries in Vietnam.

Heineken has been operating in Vietnam via Heineken Vietnam, a joint mission with Saigon Trading Group, due to the fact 1991.

They’ve invested over €1 billion ($1.07 billion) in Vietnam and their breweries employ over 3,000 humans.

Earlier this month, Vietnam’s finance ministry said it plans to double the special tax on alcoholic liquids to 100% by means of 2030, that may harm the enterprise even greater.

Heineken, one of the world’s leading beer companies, is known for its iconic green bottles and red star logo. Founded in 1864 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it has grown to become the world’s second-largest brewer, operating in over 70 countries and producing more than 300 international, regional, local, and speciality beers and ciders.

Highlights of Heineken

  1. Global presence: Heineken has an amazing worldwide footprint, with operations and breweries stoning up on exceptional continents. It is especially sturdy in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
  2. Diversified Portfolio: Beyond its flagship Heineken beer, the business has a huge variety of many well-known brands which include Amstel, Tiger, Sol, Strongbow cider and so on. This various portfolio lets in Heineken to meet the precise tastes and options of the area.
  3. Sustainability efforts: Heineken is dedicated to sustainability and has projects to reduce its environmental impact. These encompass efforts to reduce water intake, lessen CO2 emissions, and promote renewable and renewable energy to their businesses. 
  4. Marketing: Heineken is taken into consideration for innovative and powerful advertising and marketing campaigns. The brand has a specifically robust presence in football (sponsoring the UEFA Champions League) and Formula 1 racing
  5. Family Ownership: Despite its duration, Heineken remains at its restricted ownership stage. The Heineken relative group plays a key role within the organisation, making sure of continuity and a long-term strategic vision.
  6. Corporate Responsibility: Heineken participates in numerous company social responsibility activities which include encouraging responsible purchasers, assisting community groups and contributing to monetary development where it operates.

Overall, Heineken’s blend of tradition, innovation, and global reach has cemented its position as a leading player in the beer industry.

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