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Unilever Innovates Laundry Categories With Evolving Habits And Technology

Unilever Innovates Laundry Categories With Evolving Habits And Technology

Responding to consumers’ evolving household laundry needs and changing technology, Unilever has unveiled its latest innovation, Wonder Wash, under the Dirt Is Good brand (known as Persil, OMO, and Skip). using sophisticated robot AI.

The increasing popularity of sports fragrances, coupled with changes in consumer habits due to post-pandemic business mix, has transformed new laundry patterns

With fewer daily trips, clothing now mainly contains invisible particles such as sweat dust and body oil rather than visible stains and, as a result, more than a third of laundry cycles less than 30 minutes per week.

This change, coupled with the advent of washing machines offering cycles as short as 15 minutes, has led to a demand for efficient products that do not develop sticky residues

Unilever rose to the challenge, leveraging a century of laundry technology, robotics and AI.

This innovative detergent outperforms established brands, eliminating odour, residue, freshness and fabric maintenance in fewer cycles with its Pro-S technology

Unlike regular liquid detergents, Wonder Wash’s fast-acting ingredients are activated at the beginning of the cycle to quickly combat everyday dirt and odors, even in harsh conditions

With 35 patents still pending, this groundbreaking innovation is poised to redefine laundry equipment.

Eduardo Campanella, Business Group President, Unilever Home Care, stressed the importance of this development in terms of keeping pace with changing consumer behaviour and reducing environmental impact.

The Wonder Wash not only provides a good cleanse but also encourages the use of short, energy-efficient cycles.

To increase its impact, Dirt is Good has teamed up with Usain Bolt, the fastest man on Earth, for an ad campaign.

The Wonder Wash will debut in the UK, Ireland and China in mid-April, becoming available in supermarkets before expanding to other markets such as France later this year.

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