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Spar Ireland Teams Up With Sprint Stars For Euro Athletics Campaign

Spar Ireland Teams Up With Sprint Stars For Euro Athletics Campaign

Spar Ireland Teams with Irish running stars Rhasidat Adeleke and Israel Olatunde for an exciting collaboration aimed at engaging the Irish community and promoting a sense of support and friendship Partnership Exclusive VIP fan for one lucky shopper and friend in the 2024 European Athletics Championships in Rome is based around exciting competition that offers the chance to win the experience

Racing feelings

Israel Olatunde, known as Ireland’s fastest sprinter, started the race for fellow sprinter Rhasidat Adeleke Despite Adeleke’s move to Texas in 2021, Olatunde was keen to join him and he has asked about the aspects of Irish life he misses so much, noting a sense of camaraderie and nostalgia between the players

Prize Giving

SPAR Ireland has called on the Irish public to send in messages of support for Rhasidat and Israel to show why they are known as some of the most popular brands in the world. The most inspiring and heartfelt message stands for a chance to win a coveted three-day trip for two individuals. Prizes include the chance to personally deliver a specially designed SPAR care package packed with quintessential Irish comfort to a Sprint star in Rome, with the winners enjoying flights, accommodation and VIP travel to watch the European Sporting Championships as it’s the fun itself.

The power of animals

Rhasidat Adeleke appreciated the unwavering support of SPAR Ireland and the Irish people, stressing the importance of encouragement behind sporting excellence. He emphasized that the support of his country and sponsors, such as SPAR Ireland, was a source of motivation and inspiration, emphasizing the vital role that support played in his competitiveness efforts.

Commitment to SPAR

Colin Donnelly, Sales Manager at SPAR Ireland, reaffirmed the company’s long-term commitment to supporting Irish sport, stressing the importance of teamwork and collective encouragement to achieve success. Having promoted European and Irish sports for 28 years, SPAR Ireland recognizes that individual achievement often depends on support and collaboration

About SPAR Ireland

SPAR stands as one of Ireland’s leading convenience retail groups, boasting a rich heritage of over six decades serving communities across the country Since its founding in Dublin in 1963, SPAR has been at the forefront of Irish convenience retail, offering innovative, unparalleled products to customers across the country and continuing to deliver in-store experiences As a leading retail company in the retail and wholesale BWG Foods UC division, SPAR has an extensive network of over 400 stores spanning every county in Ireland, contributing to the local economy, around 14,000 and creating individual employment opportunities

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