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Oracle Boosts Safety Suite : Round Rock Police

Oracle Boosts Safety: Round Rock Police! The Round Rock Independent School District Police Department has adopted the Oracle Public Safety Suite to enforce connectivity and information access between 55 campuses and more than 47,000 students in a large network of hardware and software. The board and team aim to provide a safe and fair environment for student academic success.

Oracle Boosts Safety Suite: Round Rock Police

To reinvent its technology approach, the department, which now operates as a volunteer agency in the region, set out to increase agility and responsiveness Their goal is to ensure a seamless flow of information between logistics, management and decision-makers. 

After careful consideration, Oracle emerged as the preferred choice for a comprehensive suite of hardware and software that promised to meet departmental goals

Dennis Weiner, chief of police for the Round Rock Independent School District Police Department, emphasized Oracle’s leadership as a pioneer of new technologies for an industry he believes has lagged in terms of innovation. 

Weiner praised the Oracle suite as a robust solution for school security and law enforcement efficiency and reported it as a paradigm shift to enhance information flow at critical times.

With Oracle Public Safety Suite deployed in September, officers now benefit from integrated services from the Dispatch Command Center, Personal Communication System, Vehicle Communication System, and Records Management System This integration allows officers to swap devices seamlessly in a variety of locations while maintaining seamless interactions

The system records context and interactions, simplifying report generation and saving police time on paperwork, allowing them to focus on the field and the work of the great.

The case also facilitates communication with the State of Texas National Incident Reporting System and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ensuring the seamless delivery of crime reports when needed

Steve Cioen, senior director of public safety at Oracle, expressed Oracle’s commitment to enhancing safety and productivity for first responders. 

He emphasized the urgency of responding to school incidents and highlighted the collaboration with the Round Rock Independent School District Police Department to help adapt Oracle’s technology to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies in different areas.

For more information about Oracle Public Safety, interested parties can visit their website.

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