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Lidl GB Leads the Way: Welsh Dairy Products Are Now Produced and Bottled in Wales

Lidl GB, therefore, in a landmark move, is set to become the first company to sign a contract with the Pembrokeshire Creamery this summer, hence guaranteeing buyers that their produce is Welsh milk both grown and bottled on the land of Wales. The signing of the new contract on June 1 has triggered changes within the company and all the own-label Welsh milk available at Lidl stores in Wales will be coming from Welsh farms and will be bottled at the nation’s only retail-certified creamery.

The creation of the £20 billion worth of land Pembrokeshire Creamery in Haverfordwest is a massive leap forward and brings with it the potential of up to 80 new job positions in the community. Lidl has made history with its recent partnerships cooperating with Pembrokeshire Creamery, which is acknowledged as a market pacesetter. They were the first to introduce milk that receives the production and bottling on Welsh land, which is another way to explain how exponentially we are stepping on this path regarding technology development in Wales.

This action will ensure that Lidl buyers in Wales can choose full-on Welsh milk products as the cream will be available soon. Originally, the milk that was sold in Wales, was bottled in English factories and then brought back into Wales for sale.

With the solid financial support of Lidl and the backing of the Welsh Government, Pembrokeshire Creamery has invested a significant amount to have built the only certified creamery plant in the UK that is authorized to deliver to the superstores. This investment not only helps local economies but also underlines the commitment to Welsh producers and consumers.

The newly introduced products will be an additional product to the well-established lineup of Welsh products that already include bread, butter, yogurt, eggs, lamb, and beef.

Lidl GB’s head of trade, Richard Bourns, showed his satisfaction about their cooperation, stressing that the company aims to provide a wide range of high-quality, locally supplied food and beverages to shoppers in Wales. He also believes that it will be an interesting step for the country to supply dairy farming, which is very important for local people who work in Pembrokeshire and help them develop economically

Founder of Creamery in Pembrokeshire Mark McQuade went in line with this idea and mentioned that this cooperation can provide the efficiency both on transportation and getting finished products on the shelf which would also be “straight from the farm.” He stressed that this development could make the process of transportation whether milk of Welsh in England for bottling and then again sent back to Wales for distribution was eliminated completely.

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