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Kitchen Brand: Figmint is Target’s new addition for 2023

Figmint: Target’s new addition in 2023 as a kitchen brand

Introducing our inaugural kitchen brand, Figmint – a culinary revelation! On September 24th, we’re unveiling over 250 remarkable products that span a spectrum of culinary needs. From exquisite enameled cookware and aesthetically pleasing ceramic mixing bowls to versatile acacia wood cutting boards and essential kitchen gadgets, Figmint has it. Starting at just $3, with over half priced under $10, it’s a gateway to top-notch cooking at prices exclusive to Target.

Whether you’re a meticulous recipe adherent or a creative kitchen maverick, Figmint is your culinary ally. It’s here to infuse inspiration and convenience into your everyday cooking endeavors, irrespective of your skill level.

Jioll Sand, Target’s Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, extolled Figmint, stating, “What I adore about Figmint is its versatility in catering to diverse guest needs. It combines captivating design with astonishing affordability. From product quality to packaging, this collection makes the kitchen more accessible for every home cook. Paired with our extensive Food & Beverage department, Figmint enables families to revel in special moments while crafting and savoring delectable meals, be it during the holidays or beyond.”

A Fusion of Fun and Functionality: Recognizing that many of our patrons sought a break from home cooking monotony, especially the preparation and cleanup aspects, our kitchen-savvy product design team embarked on an epic culinary journey. They donned their aprons and dived into research, innovating a range of contemporary kitchenware. Figment offers ingenious solutions to make kitchen time more economical and enjoyable while incorporating top-notch materials and thoughtful design features to simplify your culinary endeavors.

Every Detail Matters: For instance, our nonstick ceramic-coated cookware is a breeze to clean and promotes healthier cooking with reduced oil or butter usage – a true culinary win-win. Thoughtful additions like built-in pour spouts, strainers on pots, and heat-resistant stainless steel handles empower you to simmer, baste, and season to perfection. Materials such as granite, stainless steel, and acacia wood grace the collection, delivering aesthetics and durability.

Our assortment includes pots, pans, mixing bowls, kitchen utensils, gadgets, food storage solutions, and more, all designed with sustainability and accessibility. We collaborated with occupational therapists to craft packaging with user-friendly tabs and exposed grips, ensuring ease of handling for shoppers. Remarkably, over 95% of Figmint items boast eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Figment is set to redefine your culinary experience, making your kitchen a place of creativity, joy, and culinary excellence.


Highlighted Figmint Favorites: Within our diverse Figmint collection, which encompasses ingenious space-saving designs, eco-conscious materials, and exceptional affordability, here are a few standout favourites cherished by our design team:

  1. The 5-Piece Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set ($30): Crafted with a ceramic coating that effortlessly wipes clean, this set is practical and boasts an aesthetic appeal suitable for serving dishes.
  2. The End-Grain Acacia Wood Cutting Board ($30): Combining functionality with an attractive design, this cutting board is practical and doubles as a decorative kitchen accent.
  3. The Blue Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven:
    • 7.7 Quarts ($70): This versatile Dutch oven is compatible with induction, electric, and gas stoves and can even brave oven temperatures up to 500°F.
    • 5.5 Quarts ($60): The 5.5-quart version offers the same remarkable functionality for those seeking a slightly smaller option.

These Figmint favorites exemplify the essence of our brand, offering both utility and aesthetics at their finest.


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