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Gluten-Free Food Company Dr. Schär Reports 16% Increase in Turnover

Gluten-Free Food Company Dr. Schär report!

In 2023, the leading gluten-free food company, Dr. Schär, achieved significant growth, totaling 561 million euros. This represented an impressive growth of 16% compared to previous years, it was a very successful year for the company.

The key was that Dr. Schär emphasized local production. By focusing on building its products closer to its customers, the company was able to streamline its supply chain, be more responsive to customer needs, and reduce its carbon footprint through CO2 associated transportation self-limitation, They explicitly mentioned this policy in their official statement .

The company’s commitment to sustainability was further exemplified by recent investments to refurbish its facilities in Dreihausen and Apolda.

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The installation of 666 solar panels in these areas led to a significant increase in renewable energy. These solar panels currently generate approximately 247,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy, accounting for 10% of the company’s total electricity consumption.

Looking ahead, Dr. Schär is poised to continue its expansion efforts and business growth in 2024. A large portion of their investment, totaling €4 million, will be devoted to developing their manufacturing facilities Products in Germany are new In addition, it is planned to open a new production line in Spain, located in Alagon/Zaragoza. The production network will be expanded.

In addition, the company plans to consolidate all of its business operations in the United States into one location in Swedesboro, New Jersey.

The strategy aims to streamline operations and increase efficiency in serving the American market.

In addition to geographical expansion and industrial development, Dr. Schär is involved in innovation and diversification.

They intend to explore new areas of nutrition and differentiate their offerings to meet consumer preferences and changing food demands.

In summary, by 2023, driven by a combination of local manufacturing, sustainable practices, strategic investment and expansion efforts, Dr. Schär impressive financial performance will lay a solid foundation for continued growth and success in the gluten-free food market.

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