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Fiorentini Alimentari Spa Renews Partnership with System Logistics


Fiorentini Alimentari Spa Renews Partnership with System Logistics

Fiorentini Alimentari Spa, an Italian wholesale producer of rice cakes and healthy snacks, has signed a strategic agreement with System Logistics to improve logistics management and support business expansion. Launched in 2017 and expanded in 2023, the partnership has been instrumental in increasing operational efficiencies and meeting the growing demands of the market.

Established Legacy

Established in Turin in 1918, Fiorentini Original Spa has grown from a specialty food shop to a leader in producing bread substitutes and food choices ranging from puff cereals, fruits, and vegetables. The fourth-generation, family business now operates in 55 countries with a mission to make healthy products more accessible.

Institute of Logistics

To further maintain and increase efficiency in the warehouse, Fiorentini partnered with System Logistics in the Turin region in 2017. Starting in 2019, this state-of-the-art facility enables Fiorentini to manage inventory of raw materials and finished goods, thereby improving production control and time management.

The plant has an automated system of six stacker cranes, each approximately 27 meters tall, and eight SVL (System Vehicle Loops) shuttles to move pallets within the plant. This automation has increased logistics traceability, reduced operational risks, and improved the efficiency of space and energy resources. Space efficiency has been further enhanced with laser-guided AGVs for material handling. Two AGV CP medium units are used for storing and receiving materials in racks up to 10 meters high, while four AGV CP mini-units are responsible for processing materials, ensuring their delivery to production sites consistently and on time.

The automation system also includes an elevator that connects the ground floor to the first floor, providing easy access between production areas. AGVs transport pallets of finished goods to packing stations, from where SVL shuttles transport them to automated warehouses. This combination has significantly improved overall productivity, reduced downtime, and increased operational accuracy and safety.

Facility Expansion

At the end of 2023, Fiorentini commissioned System Logistics to expand its facility, a task driven by the implementation of a flexible new system in 2017. The initial solution was designed to be scalable and adaptable, enabling Fiorentini to anticipate future customer needs and react quickly to changing market dynamics.

The expansion features three new stacker cranes, further optimizing space utilization, with one crane having double-depth storage and another single-depth. Additionally, the integration of two new smaller AGV CPs will increase automated system efficiency by 15%. The expansion also includes extending the SVL loop with four additional shuttles to support increased overall system efficiency. The new outdoor area will double the automated warehouse’s receiving capacity, improving efficiency and inventory management.

Designed to support 24/7 operation, the AGV system includes automatic battery swapping, reducing downtime due to frequent recharging and increasing operational efficiency. A notable feature of this partnership is its positive impact on the environment.

Warehouse automation has eliminated the need to truck raw materials and finished goods to distant warehouses, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality. Advanced technologies such as energy recovery stacker cranes and AGVs have improved energy efficiency and reduced consumption from the grid. Fore more related news, click here

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