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Dolly Parton Launches Dolly Wines: Raise a Glass to Her New Venture

Dolly Parton Launches Dolly Wines: Raise a Glass to Her New Venture! Get ready to raise your glass and sing this summer as the legendary Dolly Parton adds another venture to her illustrious career with the launch of Dolly Wines. In partnership with Parton Family Cellars and Accolade Wines, Dolly Parton plans to entice wine lovers with a range of well-crafted wines, starting with the Dolly Wines California Chardonnay 2023. This exciting debut is planned will hit the shelves of major retailers across the United States in July 2024.

Dolly Vines California Chardonnay 2023 is an elegant blend that promises to delight the palate. This Chardonnay combines sweet white peach flavors, soft creamy flavors and subtle complexity of toasty oak. The result is a wine with a “balanced flavor” that stands out as an appealing choice for both casual and connoisseur drinkers.

In addition to the delicious flavors of Chardonnay, Dolly Parton’s wine venture offers something new special for her fans and wine lovers. Consumers in the United States who pre-order Dolly Wines California Chardonnay 2023 through the Vivino Wine Marketplace can take advantage of the limited-time ‘$1 Dolly Days’ promotion This special offer allows consumers to sign down for one month of Vivino Plus for just $1 , which includes free shipping on their orders . This eye-catching deal makes it easier than ever to experience the magic of Dolly’s new wine collection at home. Pre-orders will begin shipping on June 25, 2024, ensuring that early birds can enjoy their bottles as soon as possible.

But Dolly Parton’s foray into the wine world doesn’t stop at Chardonnay. The original Dolly Wines are set to be expanded with new varieties that promise to cater for different tastes. In addition to Chardonnay, wine lovers can expect Rosé, Prosecco and a fourth sparkling wine. Each of these wines is made with the same attention to detail and dedication to quality that Dolly Parton brings to all her endeavors.

Dolly Vines Rosé and Prosecco will debut in retail stores across the United Kingdom in autumn 2024, giving the UK a taste of Dolly’s charm Now this September the sparkling wine will be available in Australia, allowing fans down under to join the celebration Each of these wines will be sold at under the name of Dolly Parton, and ensured that it carries the same spirit of joy and celebration as Dolly herself.

Sandy Mayo, chief marketing officer of Accolade Wines, expressed the company’s excitement about the new venture. “We are beyond excited to introduce Dolly Wines to the world,” said Mayo. “Dolly was personally involved in all aspects of each wine, which we feel perfectly captures her passion and aromatic energy. As women ourselves, we believe that everyone, everywhere, likes it. Go and pour yourself the cup of glory!”

Dolly Parton Launches 

Dolly Parton’s involvement in the creation of this wine ensures that each bottle reflects not only her passion but also her personality and passion. Her artistic brewing process assures that each sip is a microcosm of Dolly’s world, full of warmth, character and hints 

of sparkle This collection is more than just a range of wines; it’s an invitation to celebrate the joys of life, as Dolly Parton has done throughout her storied career.

So, whether you’re a longtime Dolly Parton fan, a wine enthusiast, or just looking for a new favorite bottle, Dolly Wines promises to deliver an enjoyable experience. Raise your glass to the country queen this summer and enjoy the unique taste and exciting spirit of Dolly Wines. cheers! For more related news, click here.

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