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Diageo’s Outlook for 2023: A Message from CEO Debra Crew

Diageo’s Outlook for 2023 from CEO Debra Crew of Diageo

In a recent statement, Debra Crew, the newly appointed Chief Executive of Diageo, shared her insights and expectations for the company’s performance in fiscal year 2024. Her message exudes confidence and determination as she takes the helm of this global powerhouse in the beverage industry.

Stepping into Leadership

Debra Crew begins her address by expressing her excitement about leading Diageo’s diverse teams across the world. With her extensive experience and leadership skills, she aims to steer the company towards a future brimming with growth opportunities.

Unwavering Expectations

Despite the challenges posed by the operating environment, Debra Crew reaffirms that Diageo’s expectations for fiscal year 2024 remain unchanged from their previous fiscal year’s preliminary results, which were reported on August 1, 2023.

Acknowledging the ongoing cost pressures and the cloud of geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty, Debra Crew emphasizes the company’s commitment to agility and innovation. Diageo intends to persistently invest in marketing and innovation to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Resilience and Strategic Execution

Debra Crew’s confidence in the resilience of Diageo’s business is unwavering. She believes in the company’s ability to navigate the prevailing headwinds while staying focused on executing its strategic priorities.

Medium-Term Guidance

Diageo’s medium-term guidance for fiscal years 2023 to 2025 is a crucial aspect of Debra Crew’s message. The company aims for organic net sales growth consistently in the range of 5% to 7% and organic operating profit growth sustainably in the range of 6% to 9%.

A Strong Portfolio

Debra Crew attributes Diageo’s potential for sustainable long-term growth and value generation for shareholders to the strength of its portfolio. The company’s diverse product offerings make it well-positioned to capture various market segments.

Global Footprint

Diageo’s diversified footprint across the globe also contributes to its strength. With a presence in multiple markets, the company can adapt to changing consumer preferences and economic conditions.

Deep Consumer Insights

Debra Crew underscores the significance of deep consumer insights. Understanding the evolving preferences of consumers allows Diageo to tailor its products and strategies accordingly, ensuring continued success.

A Pledge to Shareholders

In conclusion, Debra Crew reiterates her commitment to delivering value to shareholders. Her vision for Diageo is one of sustained growth, adaptability, and innovation in the face of challenges.


1. What are Diageo’s expectations for fiscal year 2024?

  • Diageo’s expectations for fiscal year 2024 remain unchanged, as stated in their fiscal year 2023 preliminary results.

2. How does Diageo plan to address ongoing challenges in the operating environment?

  • Diageo intends to tackle challenges with speed and agility while continuing to invest in marketing and innovation.

3. What is Diageo’s medium-term guidance for fiscal years 2023 to 2025?

  • Diageo aims for organic net sales growth between 5% and 7% and organic operating profit growth between 6% and 9% during this period.

4. What factors contribute to Diageo’s resilience and ability to navigate challenges?

  • Diageo’s strength lies in its diversified portfolio, global presence, and deep consumer insights.

5. How does Diageo plan to generate value for shareholders?

  • Diageo’s CEO, Debra Crew, is committed to delivering sustained long-term growth and value for shareholders.

6. What is the significance of consumer insights for Diageo?

  • Deep consumer insights enable Diageo to tailor its products and strategies to evolving consumer preferences, ensuring continued success.

In Summary

As Diageo welcomes its new Chief Executive, Debra Crew, the company maintains its course with unwavering expectations for fiscal year 2024. Despite challenges in the operating environment, Diageo’s commitment to agility, innovation, and shareholder value remains steadfast. With a strong portfolio, global footprint, and a keen understanding of consumer insights, the company is poised for sustained growth in the years to come.

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