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Conad City in Valdagno Reopens.

Conad City in Valdagno reopens.

The recently revamped Conad store in Valdagno represents a significant upgrade in various aspects, designed to elevate the overall shopping experience. One of the notable enhancements is the introduction of automatic checkouts, streamlining the transaction process for customers and ensuring a quicker and more convenient shopping journey.

This refurbished store is thoughtfully organized into numerous departments, each catering to a specific facet of consumer needs. From a diverse array of fresh fruits and vegetables to a dedicated section for ready-to-eat meats, as well as departments for cured meats and cheeses, deli items, bakery products, and an extensive wine selection, the store aims to provide a comprehensive and quality shopping experience.

For those seeking culinary convenience, the store offers a broad range of pre-prepared dishes, facilitating easy and delectable meal preparation. This addition not only simplifies life in the kitchen but also introduces a touch of originality to the culinary offerings available to customers.

In alignment with contemporary environmental considerations, the renovations place a strong emphasis on reducing the store’s ecological footprint. This commitment is evident in the incorporation of LED lighting and cutting-edge equipment designed for optimal energy efficiency. Moreover, the store features refrigerated counters with a minimal environmental impact, contributing to sustainability efforts. Additionally, the store actively supports renewable energy initiatives by financially backing electricity generated from eco-friendly sources.

The inauguration of the renovated Conad store in Valdagno was attended by prominent figures, including Ezio Gobbi, President of DAO; Stefano Predelli, Marketing and Operations Coordinator of DAO; Francesco Ballini, DAO Direct Network Sales Manager; Mayor Giancarlo Acerbi; and Don Samuele Stocco, who officiated the occasion with a traditional blessing. Their presence underscored the significance of the store’s revitalization and its positive impact on both the local community and the environment.

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